El Technico

El Technico

This week we’ll be going back in time to take a look at WCW in the fall of 1996. Back then they had three things going well for them: the NWO, the Four Horsemen and to many fans, Mexican luchadores doing their thing in the ring. In this case, the third greatly applies as we take a look at this week’s Jobber of the Week, El Technico.

El Technico was billed as being from Juarez, Mexico. While they didn’t go into much detail about his background, Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyzsko did mention the fact that El Technico stood for “Technical Wrestler” or “Scientific Wrestler.” SNL’s Chris Farley probably knew him better as, “The Technico.” Honestly, judging by his fruity colored green and pink outfit, “El Watermelon” may have been a more appropriate handle. On this fateful Monday night he was paired up with Juventud Guerra and as luck would have it, it would be for the WCW Tag Team Titles. The only thing standing in their way of glory – the Public Enemy. During the match, El Technico was anything but technical, as his first twenty seconds in the ring consisted of…

…falling victim to a slightly less-than-smashing Demolition Decapitation. To add to the humiliation, Rocco came up with a genius tactic to befuddle a masked wrestler.

He turned Melon Man’s mask around so that he couldn’t see out of it. They beat on him some more before Rocco Rock mercifully gave him the “Drive By” for the three count.

El Technico was defeated, but Public Enemy were not done with him yet. Wanting to do their best Gallagher melon-bashing impersonation, Rocco Rock gave him their patented smash through a table, a move that sent Technico on his way out via a stretcher.

After his first and only match that saw him get the seeds beat out of him, ol’ Watermelon Boy decided to retire his silly looking outfit and the El Technico name. He later went on to literally spill his seed on Torrie Wilson while wrestling under his real name, Billy Kidman.

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