Roadblock (WCW)

In the mid-nineties there was a plethora of wrestlers who appeared to have other careers besides wrestling. The ring was full of wrestling tax-men, dentists, garbage men and construction workers. This week’s Jobber Of The Week however, took the job related gimmick to a whole new level. He became a walking, talking, inanimate construction object. Presented for your amusement, I give you the silliest looking traffic delay ever…the mighty Roadblock.

After making his wrestling debut in the early 90’s on the east coast independent scene, the man then known as the Rochester Roadblock decided he wasn’t satisfied just being a local New York highway menace. He would drop the “Rochester” moniker and in late 1996, he would enter the mainstream world of WCW. It was there where fans would be subjected to one of the goofiest gimmicks ever. On his way to the ring, Roadie would always be seen carrying his trusty roadblock with him. Why did he carry it? Who knows, he never used it. It just sit there motionless, kinda like its owner.

And the tights, oh boy. Say what you want about Giant Gonzalez’s naked bigfoot outfit, but seeing a 400 lb. man dressed up like a stretch of highway, complete with yellow street lines running down his pants is pretty scary. Especially considering
his crotch is between two solid yellow lines. All you driver’s ed students know what I’m getting at. You get stuck down there, there’s no crossing that line. You’re stuck. Eeek!!!!!!!

In his first WCW Saturday Night match, and really his only moment of glory, he was to take on Randy Savage. However Macho Man left the arena early due to being stressed out by problems with Elizabeth and the NWO, thus leaving Roadie without an opponent and very mad. He stormed to the back, grabbed future JOTW nominee Dusty Wolfe, and carried him to the ring and pummelled him on the way to being 1-0 in WCW. Obviously full of confidence, he proceeded to challenge Lex Luger for a match on the upcoming Nitro. You know, with flowing storylines like that, is it any wonder that Nitro was winning the ratings war? HBK and Steve Austin? Forget that, the ‘Block is taking on the Total Package!!!!

Two days later the match of the week would occur. As soon as Raw hit the screen at 8:00, WCW countered by giving the fans what they really wanted. A sloppy match-up that threatened kayfabe more than the internet ever could. Numerous times the camera picked up both Lex and Roadblock freezing and then very noticeably giving each other verbal commands. When the time came for Luger to end the disasterpiece, hell, he couldn’t even do that. After two botched attempts at putting the ‘Block in the Torture Rack (and almost breaking Roadie’s neck in the process) an obviously humbled and embarrassed Luger finally got the big guy up for the win.

The loss put Roadblock’s record at 1-1 and things would get much worse. Despite being a mammoth of a man, well over 6’5″ tall, he would become less of a roadblock and more like roadkill. He would get a few wins here and there but the majority of his time in Turnerland was on the losing end of things on WCW Saturday Night. He would become another victim of Goldberg’s during Blll’s rookie streak and then by 1998 he would leave WCW.

After leaving WCW it was rumored that the WWF was going to sign him and make
him one of the Oddities. Apparently he was to become the younger brother of Golga (played by the legendary John Tenta.) As much as I’m sure Tenta wanted a former highway nuisance for a younger brother to kick around, the WWF ultimately decided to take a detour on the idea and good ol’ Roadblock has not been seen since.

Road Closed!!

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