Lee Scott

Lee Scott

The last few weeks at Wrestlecrap we’ve taken a look back to some of Mick Foley’s worst enhancement tag-team partner’s ever. Foley, as Cactus Jack, made his debut in WCW by initially tagging up with some of WCW’s worst wrestlers to face some of WCW’s finest. He had a horrible time with his first partner, Rick Fargo, followed up the next week with an even crappier match teaming with Nasty Ned Brady. They say the third times a charm. After his third partnership with this week’s JOTW, I’m sure Foley would ready to shove that cliche up someone’s rear. Without any further ado here’s this week’s Jobber Of The Week, and the man coming in at #1 on Mick Foley’s All-Time Worst Enhancement Partner list, Lee Scott.

By this point, Cactus Jack probably had enough of all these jobbers he was forced to team with. First Rick Fargo failed him, then Ned Brady mucked things up. Could it get any worse? Well, on the first WCW Saturday Night broadcast of the 1990’s, Jack stepped into the ring one more time with a suspect partner. Who was it? Why, none other than the pride and joy of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – and one of the skinniest wrestlers in WCW history – Lee Scott. On paper – as well as when they were introduced in the ring – it seemed that this may not be a good pairing. The big, bulky and menacing Cactus Jack Manson paired with the rail thin and clean-cut Lee Scott? Ehh, I don’t know about this one. Now I’m sure Lee is a good guy and all, but he’s so damn skinny he may just be the only man who keeps a condom in his wallet to use as a spare raincoat during the dreary days of April. Despite Lee’s lack of imposing size, Cactus had to be feeling good about the upcoming match. Why? Because standing across the ring were their opponents that evening, the least impressive tag-team in WCW at the time, the Dynamic Dudes. Maybe Cactus would finally get that first WCW win.

Or not. While Cactus continued to impress people with his gritty, in-ring performances, sure enough, his putz of a partner would let him down again. Lee Scott, was put away for the three count courtesy of Johnny and Shane’s ahem..legendary finisher, the Wipe-Out. As soon as the Dudes left the ring victorious, Cactus snapped again. Just like what happened to Fargo and Brady the previous weeks, Jack started putting the boots to his fallen partner, dishing out the ultimate punishment for failure. As Scott was taken out by Jack’s famous clothesline over the ropes, you had to figure that that might be the last you ever saw of poor Mr.Scott.

Wrong-O. Unlike Brady and Fargo, Lee Scott didn’t crawl away in shame. No, he did the unthinkable. He stood up for himself. He interrupted Jim Ross at the interview podium and said he was fed up with getting pushed around. He snapped and went completely ballistic.

While scores of enhancement talent like the Mulkeys, Lombardis, and Gamblers of the world took their ass-whuppings in silence, Lee Scott was the only jobber in history to have the ‘nads to step up to his superior rivals. He called down the thunder and challenged Cactus Jack to a one-on-one match the following week.

The next week on Saturday Night, the Scott-Cactus feud exploded. Scott, still fuming as looking like a reborn wrestler, jumped Cactus before the bell and was like a house of fire. For about 30 seconds. Then it was Cactus – Scott ass-whuppin’ Part 2. Jack beat the crap out of his 177 pounds dripping wet ex-partner, in route to an easy victory. So easy, he kept on pummelling Scott after the bell had rang. Eventually, the ref had had enough and reversed the decision leading to the totally unbelievable…Lee Scott had defeated Cactus Jack Manson!!!!!!!!!!! The perfect ending to a Cinderella story right? The beginning of winning ways for the previously winless Scott?

Not so fast. If George Lucas has taught the world anything, it’s that all great things come in trilogies. Therefore, the third and final part of the Lee Scott- Cactus Jack Manson saga would unfold a few weeks later. By this time, Cactus had wised up to the world of tag-team wrestling, and hooked up with a legitimate partner, Kevin Sullivan, as a part of the short-lived Sullivan’s Slaughterhouse. The slaughter was definitely on, as they looked across the ring to see Lee Scott, with his new partner for the evening, the always unreliable Pat Rose. There would be no underdog victory for Scott this time around, as Jack and Sullivan dominated the match, and then put the final nail in the Cactus – Scott feud by delivering a damn fine imitation of Demolition’s “decapitation” finisher to Scott on the concrete floor.

From there on, no messing around with enhancement talent for Cactus Jack, he was on his way to destiny. Lee Scott, soon would change his path as well, becoming a referee for WCW during the early 90’s. His current whereabouts are unknown. Rumors that he blew away while attempting a recent bungee jump, as well as the popular one of him scoring the role of Skeletor in the upcoming He-Man and Masters Of The Universe movie, well, they’re just that – rumors.

While Scott has seemingly disappeared from the world, Foley has gone on to achieve as much fame as one wrestler could possibly hope to attain. I asked Mick about his one time partner Lee Scott, and in the process, he offered a bit of closure to his failed partnerships with Fargo and Brady as well. Here’s Mick!

Thanks go out to Mick Foley for helping us take a look back to the early days of Cactus Jack here at the ‘Crap!!!

– Blade Braxton: “What happened with Lee Scott?”

Mick Foley: “Lee Scott and I…that relationship didn’t work out either. I guess at that time I had a hair trigger temper and I tended to take losses, well, I didn’t take them too well. Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of experience losing now, so if I had to do it all over again, I’d be a lot more understanding.”

Blade: “He appeared rather anorexic. I don’t think he’d want to spend time at the Waffle House. Do you think it would have worked out, even if you guys had gotten along?”

Foley: “Well, you know by this point, Lee probably has a pot belly. He just had that real fast metabolism. He actually had the body of young Rick Rude, believe it or not. I remember Rude saying, “That Lee Scott, he looks like I did when I was young.” He was just one of those guys that could never put on weight. I have no idea what’s that feels like.”

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