Killer Tomato

Ahhh, the 1980s. Back then you had a bevy of female wrestling talent. In the WWF, you had Fabulous Moolah, Wendy Richter, Judy Martin and the Jumping Bomb Angels. In the AWA, you had Medusa Miceli, Sherri Martel, Candi Devine and a few others. At the time, Sherri Martel was the womens champion, and she would be facing off against her biggest challenge, The Killer Tomato.

Yes, of the Attack of Killer Tomatoes clan.

Dammit. She vegged out again. I guess Putrid T. Gangreen knew what he was doing. Where’s the pepper? Ah, here it is. *sprinkle*

Ok, she’s back to normal now. Yeah, she looked like one of the women that Blade would pick up on a nightly basis. Come to think about it, it would have been a more apt to give her the name The Street Walker. Well, Look at her, she’s got the 80s hooker hair, legs that don’t quit, and an attitude that says “Pay me to play with me.” Anyways, the hooker gig must not have made so much to start, so she decided to go to the AWA. In her first match, she got a title match against Sheri Martel.

Well, although her wrestling skills seem to not go beyond the bedroom, she manages to put up a decent fight against the Sensatioanl one. With armbars, Head scissors and other moves to make her clientel to pay up for the nights services, she managed to get a couple of near falls against Sherri. But all good things must come to an end, as Sherri gets the upper hand with her skills and one of the most deadly moves that any female would cringe at.

Uhh, Ouch. Sherri Martel plays dirty and kicks the Killer Tomato in the taint. The scream that she let out was akin to her screams in the bedroom. Well, after that devilish move, Sherri pinned her quite handedly to retain her title.

But, Like any good hooker/tomato, she dusts herself off and finds more clients. I guess David MacLaine must have found her number and gave her some work as Dallas in GLOW.

Yee Haw! She went from a trashy LA Hooker to a slutty Texas Hooker complete with cowboy hat and rope. I guess once a happy hooker, always a happy hooker.

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