INDUCTION: Yodelin’ Antonio Cesaro – Yodelayheehoo!!!

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WWE, 2013

Just as the Gooker Award voting wraps up (you have until Friday night!), we are treated as well to the annual Wrestling Observer Awards.  And hey, who would have thunk it?


Cesaro, most underrated.  Third time this has happened in a row.  Dave Meltzer, thoughts?

Cesaro, 35, joins Shelton Benjamin as the only person to win this three years in a row. Like in 2014, Cesaro showed absolute brilliance at times in his longer matches, but is never pushed at the level of his ability. Every time there is a tease things will change, a week or two later it becomes clear that they’ve already dropped the idea.

With the “Cesaro section” gimmick at televised events, the company had the perfect opportunity to elevate him as a star, gave lip service to the idea briefly, but eventually he was still in the same position. Then shoulder surgery put him out of commission. The injury could be a blessing if they gave a big push to his return, but it’s probably not going to happen, as Vince McMahon doesn’t see him as main event talent.

Cesaro will be out for much of 2016 after shoulder surgery. But even then, he would still be a favorite every year, because it seems clear he may got the classic start-and-stop push at times, but it’s unlikely to be maintained.”

Preach on, brother Dave.

I mean, seriously, look at what the dude can do.


That, THAT, is a tremendous maneuver, and he makes it look absolutely effortless.  I am right there with you, Zeb Colter, thrusting my fists into the air and screaming “YES!” every time he hits that move.  It looks absolutely amazing.

Even better when he pulls off a Super Street Fighting Mortal Kombat 5-second super charged version of it!



So yeah, you’d think that folks in the WWE offices would watch one of his incredible matches and maybe think, “You know what?  Cesaro vs. Brock Lesnar, that would make for a one helluva bout.”

Instead, they notice he is from Switzerland and think of 1970’s hot chocolate commercials.

We often joke on here about how Vince McMahon is stuck in a time warp, and this could be the best proof ever of our claim.  Seriously, could you NOT see this being the reason for this gimmick?

Who thought telling one of the toughest, strongest, ass kicking-est guys on the roster to start yodeling was a good idea?

Does anyone like yodeling?


Screw you, cowboy!  Nobody likes yodeling, let alone LOVES yodeling.  And don’t point to that “Volume TWO” as evidence someone does.


Infuriating.  Absolutely infuriating that someone that can do this…


…and this company’s idiotic idea was to have him make this sound on the way to the ring.  But as horrible as it was in its early days, it somehow got worse as the guy made his way to the ring for a bout against R Truth.

Who’s ready for a rap battle?

I sure ain’t, but Cesaro was!  And it sounded like this!

Where’s Michael Cole to tell me that Cesaro likes to have fun?  Don’t you love it when he says that?  Is there someone on planet earth that DOESN’T like to have fun?  Can someone punch Cole in the mouth the next time you see him?


And while I am ranting and raving like a lunatic, what is the deal with WWE wrestlers sometimes having GIANT HANDS on my television screen?  I mean, I am not sure what kinda camera Kevin Dunn’s goof troop is filming with these days, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen it. If you go back to the March 2, 2013 episode of Saturday Morning Slam (which you will all recall as my favorite WWE show of the last 10 years (the entire run, not this particular ep)), Zack Ryder also had a similar malady:


Seriously, what is the deal here?  Is this something that has been happening for years and I am just now noticing it as I am forcing myself to do screen grabs for your amusement?  Am I going to get a cease & desist from WWE concerning this?


It’s rare anymore that WWE does anything that elicits any real emotion from me, but I have to admit the more I am working on this induction, the more enraged I am becoming.  Again, visual evidence as to the greatness of this man:


And thought of Jessie from Toy Story:


And hey, remember when he hurked up the Big Show and threw him over the top rope on WWE’s biggest PPV of the year a couple years ago?


Remember how fun that was and how we all through this was going to lead to big things for the guy?

Instead, we got this:


Wait, no, that’s not yodel, that YADDLE.

Anyone remember Yaddle?


Yes, someone thought that having a FEMALE YODA was a good idea.  Likewise, someone thought that having Antonio Cesaro yodel was a good idea.

Both of these people were paid to come up with these thoughts.  The amount they were compensated for these ideas is inconsequential.  The sheer fact that any type of money was given out in exchange for them is mind boggling.

While Cesaro’s yodeling gimmick lasted a few short weeks, his tenure in the mid card of WWE continues to this day.  One can only hope that when he returns from his torn rotator cuff surgery he is given a real chance to work his way up the card.  But like Dave, I have little faith in that happening.

Maybe someone needs to hide the hot chocolate at the McMahon household?


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36 Responses to "INDUCTION: Yodelin’ Antonio Cesaro – Yodelayheehoo!!!"
  1. Chris C says:

    Wasn’t Yoda meant to be the last of his species?
    Was Yaddle the last female of the species?
    Yes, I’m more interested in Yoda trivia than yodelling Caesaro. No surprise.
    Man, I loved Claudio Castagnoli in ROH.

  2. Mark Smart says:

    probably the same person that came up with the Farting Natalya gimmick. insert a pic of Mountain Rock shrugging because I don’t get it either, dude. this is actually what helped Vince win the Gooker award last year with his podcast interview on Stone Cold’s show.

    Stone Cold asked him point blank about Cesaro and Vince just kind of went “meh” and starting talking about brass rings. meanwhile the Bellas have their own show and are the equivalent of the Karadashians in both talent and intelligence. although they were smart enough to marry the 2 most popular stars in the WWE, John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

    say……you don’t think…….nah……..surely the WWE wouldn’t give someone a push that didn’t deserve it just because of who they’re married or related to. the rumor is Kevin Dunn doesn’t like his accent. I swear to God that is the one reason he’s not getting the push people expect him to get. maybe Stephanie has a cousin or someone that Cesaro can start dating and maybe grab her brass rings to get to the top.

    • Philip says:

      Didn’t you know Cesaro can’t connect with the audience? Those deafening cheers you hear during his matches are actually directed at Cena and Sheamus.

      Jerry Lawler said so.

    • Guest says:

      Daniel Bryan didn’t get popular until about 2012-2013 and him and Brie were already dating one another presumably long before that and even then Brie’s relevance is no where as strong as Nikki’s has been.

    • Si says:

      Wait, what has the Bellas’ push got to do with the way Cesaro is used? Unless I missed a breakthrough in acceptance of mainstream intergender wrestling.

  3. Barronmore says:

    How in the Blue Moon did i miss this…i mean, really…how….Yaddle?

    Seriously, we’ve spent over a decade complaining about Midichlorlians when we could have been complaining about this? I have no problem with a female of the species and all…but that puppet…wow…just wow….

    and that name….


    I honestly thought it wasn’t possible for me to dislike the trilogy that must not be named even more…but you guys did it! Great job!

  4. RD Reynolds says:

    Any day I get to make a Yaddle reference is a good day.

  5. Ian Manning says:

    I do admit, this is what WrestleCrap is made of.

    Dare I say same sentence as John Tenta (rip) and many others whom fall victim of the crap bug.

    I’ve never seen Cesaro getting over with this gimmick. Ever. He has proved countless times he can hang with the big boys, plus his Marvel Vs Capcom 2 moves are the stuff of legends. Cesaro, one day you will get your due. Not yet, but one day. That brass ring will be yours.

  6. RobVanDamIsABallerina says:

    Holy Jeebus, it’s like they found Bruce Willis’s wig from 12 Monkeys and said “This is perfect, staple it Yoda’s head.”

  7. theJawas says:

    I had forgotten about Yaddle, but should we be surprised? We were introduced to Malla (Chewbacca’s wife) during the Star Wars Holiday Special, after all.

  8. John C says:

    Interior scene: Vince’s office
    The V-Man speaks, “Of course when Cesaro gets back from his injury we will have to re-introduce his character to tv. We’ll bring back the yodeling gimmick and this time he’ll wear pigtails coming down to the ring. No wait, even better he’ll have pigtails and Sasha Banks will be his valet and she’ll have pigtails also. This way we can claim diversity exists on our show and we bury two fan favorites at once, anyone object.” Laughter erupts from Vince at the very thought of an objection by anyone.

  9. The Doctor of Style says:

    That yodeling was awful. I prefer yodels.

  10. Preparation Triple H says:


  11. Gotchism For Life says:

    While there are things about the 1950s I wouldn’t want to experience…polio, racism, segregation…
    I would like to experience the style and mindset of wrestling.

    If pro wrestling was treated like a sport, like it was in the ’50s Claudio would be a world title contender, and John Cena would have had his legs broken by someone hooking on him.

  12. Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

    God, this was terrible. I remember one time, I specifically noticed his face when he was doing this crap. His eyes were screaming “Please, kill me.”

    Vince has well and truly lost it, and must be removed from his position by force before he kills his own company. Kind of like when he stole Austin’s Smoking Skull belt. “You don’t have it any more!”

  13. Gerard says:

    At least part of Cesaro problem is his own fault. He’s got a big mouth. He got caught on I think it was either Facebook or Twitter grumbling about another raw main event featuring John cena vs Randy Orton Vince or Hunter caught him and weren’t at all amused!!

    • Guest says:

      He didn’t say anything that many smart wrestling fans wouldn’t have said in his place. But hey he got to main event an episode of Smackdown that featured him jobbing to a pumpkin :V

  14. Geoff says:

    SO… wait. A female Yoda? Yaddle? How come I don’t remember her? I saw Phantom Menace, Clone (closet?) Wars, Revenge of the Sith and I have watched them a couple of times. I’ve seen the scene in Star Wars a New Hope where when the Stormtrooper is coming through the door on the Death Star, he bangs his head into the door. It’s on accident but it’s still in the movie. Blink and you miss it. How come I have never even heard of Yaddle? Or seen Yaddle? I don’t even know what race/species Yoda is. I keep a lookout for the female Twi Lek Jedi, who is rarely seen but has a bigger part in Revenge of the Sith? But Yaddle? Is she sitting a chair next to Sammy Jackson being overshadowed by his greatness?

    Oh yeah, and Cesaro is yodeling too.

    I’m as enraged as you are. Maybe more so. Except I don’t care about Cesaro yodeling. I care about the fact I missed a non important detail in Star Wars. Did she have any screen time? Was she like Jar Jar? My world is ending…. (mushroom cloud)

  15. Justin says:

    More evidence that when you cut right to it, Vince McMahon sucks.

  16. Wintermute says:

    That Khali gif is so mesmerizing, I feel like I could watch it for hours.

  17. Alexandru says:

    Yeah this looked incredibly asinine glad it was dropped after a few weeks. While I’m not the biggest Cesaro fan (he’s more of an upper mid card/occasional main eventer) he deserves far more than what he’s gotten for sure. A match between him and Brock would be fantastic

  18. Guest says:

    “Does anyone like yodeling?”

    Remember when Yahoo commercials had yodeling?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers and Pepperidge Farm misses it.

  19. Zero says:

    I remember last year when Cesaro became the second person to defeat Rusev and how awesome it was.

    But like everything else involving Cesaro, WWE had to find ways to screw things up in the long run.

  20. Thun says:

    Yaddle wants to steal your soul.

    Anyway, the only thing I can think of when it’s stuff like this and the “Brass Rings” is how, if wrestling was as high on popularity worldwide as is, say, soccer; hell would raise to engulf it all. A clearly big moment of embarrassment as it just shows how the biggest thing around on wrestling is struggling to figure out the basics on what should be their A show ends up being underwritten because of how things fell to such a point where the commoner wouldn’t even give a damn.

    I do have to thank for the induction, by the way. Was really hoping we’d see more Inductions from that Gooker 2013 Pool, specially the Brooke Hogan one.

  21. Hurka says:

    Hurked up? As someone that has a last name close to that, I can tell you that Cesaro has never come close to reaching my family’s greatness.

  22. Mister Forth says:

    This whole this is lambasting two bad things about two great things. Awesome.

  23. Fred says:

    I will forever hate the excuse ‘pushed to the level of their ability’, as it’s completely moronic and ignorant of the fact that not everyone can be a ‘top guy’ and that some guys had great careers despite never being ‘pushed to the level of their ability’ because you need guys at the bottom and middle of the card. I would love to know what warped reality Dave Meltzer lives in where everyone who was pushed in every single promotion was done so just for their ‘ability to perform’

    That said : yeah this gimmick was stupid, but guess what… it was TV time for Cesaro, and did his job: make the best of a bad situation. Cause if he didn’t, he would not have been kept around for as long as he has.

  24. SCLSCL says:

    I also am so confused – I thought I knew everything about the Star Wars films including the Expanded Universe yet I missed Yaddle???? Just when I thought the prequels couldn’t get any worse. Was she just in a deleted scene or something?

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