Chicken Neck

Chicken Neck

There are many compelling mysteries in the world of professional wrestling: Who was driving the hummer? What was in the briefcase Baby Doll tried to blackmail Dusty Rhodes with? Why the hell was Tyree Pryde so popular? However, beyond all these baffling cases, there is one mystery that is still shrouded in enigmas and shadows…

Who the hell was Chicken Neck?

During the mid-90’s, fans had to have been going without sleep at night wondering this. Who was this masked man, dressed like a refuge from Colonel Sanders’ farm? Why did he hide his identity behind a beak? And how the hell did he manage to get ranked in the 1995 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 (at #426)?

The only things known about him is that he claimed to hail from Perdue Farm in Maryland and weighed in at $2.59 a pound. Which is still about 50 lbs. heavier than Shannon Moore, and worth about $2 more than Luther Reigns.

Chicken Neck. It’s a name that must have struck fear into the hearts of opponents.

Or fits of laughter. I dunno which, take your pick.

On the other hand, it could be said that Chicken Neck was ahead of his time. Just imagine the awesome tag team he could have formed with Shark Boy.

People say that Terry Taylor got the raw end of the deal when he had to dye a red mohawk down his head. I say Taylor has never known the horror that must have come from running into the costume shop to grab your first-ever wrestling mask, and the only thing they have left is a friggin’ chicken mask. Because barring his being blind, that’s about how I imagine ol’ CN picking his gimmick.

In all honesty though, I have to say it takes some major cajones to work this gimmick. Whoever Chicken Neck was, he has mucho respect from me for at least being different. In a world of bikers, zombies and sumo wrestlers, Chicken Neck was truly the cock of the walk.

Hey, look at that. I’ve managed to write an entire entry on a wrestler who’s only claim to fame is showing up in an Apter mag ranking, and I did it without ever once seeing footage of the guy.

How you like them nuggets?

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