It Came From YouTube: Jeff Jarrett’s Hall of Fame MMA Dojo

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I know folks are gasping at ol’ Double J being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame after he stuck Vince up for money years ago, but seriously, how can a man who participated in this awesome skit be held out?

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  1. John C says:

    Coming soon to WWE, after the successful launch of The Mixed Tag Team Challenge there will be a new attraction. The Kid-Pro Tag Team Challenge, where kids will join forces with their favorite WWE Superstars. What will make Rusev Day better than when he teams with little Billy McNamara the spunky eight year old from Sioux Falls, Iowa as they do battle with Dolph Ziggler and Danny “Tator” Thompson the nine year old spitfire from Decatur, Illinois. And the women will also join forces with young future superstars like 11 year old Cyndi McGuire Punk as she teams with Charlotte vs Nia Jax and her little pal Bayley.

  2. Sean Bateman says:

    This is great. Double J ain’t great! The real creator of the ankle lock is Koji Kanemoto.

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