Heel Trish, Wrestlers Who Should Have Been Bigger, Triple Kelly, Van Hammer, and the Non-Wrestling Version of Starcade!

Want to wish all those moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day. As I watch Mrs. Deal work every single day of her life to make things better for myself and RD Jr., all I can do is be very grateful. I hope everyone reading this takes a moment and realizes that no matter what the relationship may be with you and your mom, you wouldn’t be here without her. Just try to keep that in mind and y’all be nice to each other. Let’s see what’s in the mailbag this week.

Arya W kicks us off with a WrestleCrap Radio question…”Was the Co-Host Contest the best or worst idea you and Blade ever had? Also whatever happened to Triple Kelly?”

It was the best, as it it allowed Blade and I to meet so many really cool people! It was a bit of a mess from the technical and scheduling side of things, but it was something of which I will always think back very fondly. Kelly is doing great. I know a lot of folks loved her contributions to the site over the years not just in the co-host role but in her INDUCTIONs as well. We still chat from time to time and I will always be grateful for her time with us here at WrestleCrap.com.

Andrew B wants to know…Who’s a guy that looking back, you think could have had a much bigger career. I don’t mean someone that had a career that was cut short due to injuries or was unreliable due to issues with alcohol/drugs, I’m thinking someone that had a good solid career but could have had a better one if they ever got given the chance.”

To this day, I will never, ever understand why Lanny Poffo wasn’t a bigger deal than he was. I remember watching him super early in my fandom and just being amazed at what he could do not only acrobatically (which almost no one was doing at the time) but just his overall work in general. He threw GREAT punches. When he became The Genius, the guy could get nuclear heat. He was naturally overshadowed by his brother, but really, how there is a literal handful of guys in history who wouldn’t have been overshadowed by Randy Savage. I just think Lanny could have been so much more had Vince pushed him harder.

Ryan G ponders…”What do you think your beloved Patricia was trying to tell you during her promo on Raw this week, when she mentioned a Becky Lynch doll?”

I appreciate the nod to the legendary Becky dolls that put Toys R Us out of business and y’all know how much I love Patty, always have. But this run has been so forced. I have not believed a single word she has said, it just feels like she was told how much more fun it is to be a heel and thought she’d try that out again. She’s always been a way better babyface dating back to her Swiss Miss debut days. She’s likable and trying to shoehorn her into a role (especially now when’s she’s a legend!) is just silly. She’s like Ricky Steamboat – should never be a heel.

Dustin N inquires…”How did Van Hammer keep his WCW job for so many years? Maxx Muscle, same question.”

Dude, they had folks like the Iron Sheik under contract for years and I think I saw him like twice ever on television. Van Hammer may not have been great but at least they would have him do something. I mean, it was usually a really crappy something but at least it felt like he was working to get that paycheck.

Cyndi S wants to know…”If young RD got to go on Starcade, what games would you like to have seen on there and would you be taking home your own Video Arcade Game?”

I am HORRIBLE in competitive video gaming so I would have lost for sure, but I absolutely LOVED Starrcade when I was a kid. That was so unbelievably cool, even though the hosts were such fish out of water. I mean, the guys tried but you could tell they had zero clue what they were talking about.

What’s crazy is that apparently there were eps filmed with Alex Trebek as host! That’s INSANE.

And with that I will take my leave this week. I hope you all have a fantastic week and keep those questions coming in!

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