Elimination Chamber Bulletproof Glass Replaced With Plastic Wrap

The 2023 Elimination Chamber bulletproof pods have been replaced by plastic wrap

Montreal, Qc, Canada – WWE made a surprise last-minute change to their Elimination Chamber matches this past weekend that surprised both wrestlers and fans.

In previous years, the specialty match featured wrestlers locked in pods surrounded by bulletproof glass. This year, WWE decided to change the pods with a safer, more cost-effective alternative. Rather than using supposedly unbreakable glass, wrestlers were encased in plastic wrap.

Prior to the Elimination Chamber, WWE crew members were seen leaving a Canadian Tire with armfuls of food-preserving kitchen staple. They worked diligently throughout the event stretching and wrapping each pod like they were preserving broccoli in a refrigerator.

Commentator Michael Cole did his best to play up the new feature.

“Spoilage is kept at bay as the competitors’ flavor is locked in! The atmosphere is sticky and filled with condensation!” shouted the inevitable future Hall Of Famer.

Following the matches, Triple H addressed the change to the Elimination Chamber.

“Look, we all know they’re going through the bulletproof Lexan glass,” said Triple H. “It’s not a secret or a surprise anymore. Let’s just make it a little safer. There’s no need for someone like Asuka or Seth Rollins getting hurt. We also get that sweet, sweet Saran Wrap sponsorship money and it keeps our Superstars fresh for days.”

While the matches were indeed safer, there was a brief moment where Austin Theory almost suffocated himself trying to leave his pod.

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