Wrestlemania 39 Adds Gorilla Monsoon Memorial Announcers Battle Royal

Wrestlemania 39 will feature the Gorilla Monsoon Memorial Announcers Battle Royal

Phoenix, AZ – WWE has announced a new addition to this year’s Wrestlemania 39 festivities. For the first time ever, WWE announcers and interviewers will engage in a war of words in the Gorilla Monsoon Memorial Announcers Battle Royal.

“We wanted to honor the life and incredible career of one of our most beloved Superstars on the grandest stage of them all,” said Triple H. “Gorilla Monsoon was a former champion, a legendary commentator, Prime Time Wrestling host, and WWF President. WWE is proud to announce that this competition will take place on the pre-show of the second night of Wrestlemania 39.”

The verbal jousting will feature all of WWE’s best announcers, color commentators, interviewers, and also Corey Graves. Preliminary insults and barbs began flying at last week’s Smackdown and have started to carry over to the Raw and NXT crews.

“I’m going to hit them right in the lower occipital protuberance!” claimed lead commentator and future Hall Of Famer Michael Cole.

“Gimme a break!” said Cathy Kelley, rolling her eyes.

“Will you stop?” said an indignant Kayla Braxton.

“They’re literally hanging from the rafters!” exclaimed Booker T.

“I’ll have you taken outta here in a second!” declared Funaki.

“Over 80,000 plus will be standing on their feet to see me win,” said announcer Mike Rome.

Just like the Royal Rumble, fans can also expect some surprise entrants and legends. Fans are eagerly anticipating possible returns from people like Mauro Ranallo, Joey Styles, and Sean and Ian Mooney. One former one-air personality has already tipped their hand at appearing at Wrestlemania 39.

“I don’t know a wristlock from a wrist watch!” teased one-time announcer Mike Adamle.

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