“We Want Ivar” Movement Derails Wrestlemania Plans

Ivar #wewantivar WWE

Anaheim, CA – The passionate WWE Universe raised their voices this week at several live events, letting the company know that they want Ivar in the main event of Wrestlemania.

The Viking Raiders member has been experiencing in increase in attention over the past few months, having exciting and intense solo matches as well as mixed tag matches with manager Valhalla. The exposure has raised the rising star’s profile, gaining him a slew of new fans.

The Ivarniacs, as they’ve dubbed themselves, have taken over Raw, NXT, and Smackdown, chanting “We Want Ivar” throughout most of the matches. Top WWE Superstars struggled to compete with the rabid fans, even occasionally acknowledging that they want Ivar too just to calm the crowd.

“He’s like a modern Bam Bam Bigelow!” gushed one fan after Raw. “Big, fast, agile. What’s not to love?”

“That guy can do a moonsault. A moonsault! LA Knight does some dinky little Skull Crushing Finale thing. How is that more devastating than a giant man flipping off the top rope onto you. We want Ivar!” declared another following Smackdown.

“Hollywood Rock. Hollywood Roman. Hollywood Cody. Ivar is a man of the people!”

WWE officials have started noticing the groundswell of support for the hirsute hero. It is rumored that they may turn the Wrestlemania event into a Fata 4-way. Exploring the possibility, WWE is now giving the Viking Raider promo time to placate fans.

“It’s time to start my story,” said Ivar, pulling out a Viking history book in a backstage segment. “And to do that, I have to start my story. In the late 8th century, a strong seafaring people from modern-day Scandinavia voyaged across Europe…”

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