Bryan Danielson Confronts Tony Khan About His Tweets

Bryan Danielson Tony Khan AEW Jinder Mahal tweet

Jacksonville, FL – Earlier this week, Bryan Danielson confronted AEW leader Tony Khan about his recent spats on Twitter.

“Bryan! Hey, buddy! How’s my favorite member of the Disciplinary Committee!” said Tony loudly as Danielson entered his office.

Without saying a word, Danielson silently sat down across from Khan’s desk.

“Look, I know you’re here about the Jinder Mahal thing. That was, uh, just some fun on social media. A little back and forth to get people talking. Ha ha. It wasn’t anything really,” assured Khan

Danielson glowered at Khan.

“Okay, okay. It was wrong. It won’t happen again,” promised Khan, sweating profusely.

Danielson continued to look at Khan, a scowl permanently etched on his face.

“You’re right. I should be fined for violating our social media rules. As the leader of AEW, I should be held to a higher standard. Should $100 cover it?” asked Khan, pulling out his wallet.

Danielson cracked his knuckles menacingly.

“A thousand?” inquired Khan nervously.

Danielson turned his head side to side, adjusting his neck muscles.

“T-t-ten thousand?!” squeaked Khan, practically emptying out his wallet onto the desk.

Danielson slowly rose from his chair and walked around to Khan.

“That’s all I have, I swear!” shouted Khan, shielding himself from Wrestling Observer Hall Of Famer.

Bryan Danielson grabbed Khan’s phone and slapped his patented Lebell Lock on the device. Wrapping his arms around it, Danielson locked his hands and pulled back, snapping it in two. The Blackpool Combat Club member handed the pieces to Khan and left the room.

Devastated by the loss of his phone, Khan booted up his laptop. Signing into his secret account on Microsoft Edge, Khan tweeted out a message about how Bryan Danielson was a meany and his eyepatch wasn’t even that cool.

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