Tony Khan Walks Through The Wrong Forbidden Door

Tony Khan AEW Forbidden Door 2024

Elmont, NY – AEW leader Tony Khan accidentally walked through the wrong door last night, transporting him to another world.

The unfortunate mistake occurred following the company’s pay-per-view event, Forbidden Door. While the event showcasing talent from other wrestling companies, it turns out that the name was more literal than expected.

After congratulating the talent, Tony Khan went through a door marked “Forbidden” thinking it was his temporary office. Pushing his way through piles of winter clothes and jackets, Khan emerged to a wintry wonderland. To his amazement, Khan was transported to a fantastical world, far more impressive than EverBank Stadium.

“Greetings, young one. I am Aslan. Welcome to Narnia,” said a regal, talking lion.

“A talking lion?!” exclaimed Khan. “What are you doing next Friday? Jon Moxley needs an opponent for Rampage.”

“Uhh, peace be with you as you journey back from whence thou came,” said Aslan, guiding Khan back through the door.

On the other side, Khan found himself standing in front of a bridge.

“Terabithia? Isn’t that where The Dark Order is from?” asked Khan to himself. With a shrug, he went back through the door.

This time, Tony Khan entered a spooky town full of ghosts, goblins, and all kinds of monsters.

“What’s this? What’s this? There’s wrestlers getting color everywhere!” exclaimed Jack Skellington lurching towards Khan.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Khan, diving back through the door.

A mist rose around Khan as he stood up, wiping off his suit. A single piano note rang throughout the area. Cell phone flashlights dotted the sky. A group of masked people emerged from the shadows and advanced on the head of AEW.

Surrounded by the Wyatt Sicks, Khan nervously asked “W-w-wait. H-how would you feel about a short program with The Young Bucks?”

AEW is hopeful that Tony Khan will return by Wednesday night for Dynamite.

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