RD’s Christmas Eve Mailbag

First of all, a very Merry Christmas to all! I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season, even if you don’t celebrate December 25 as I do. I wish you all a fantastic 2023 ahead as well. I’ve got that spectacular Mexican Santa Claus movie ready to roll as soon as I have this column done. It ain’t a WrestleCrap Christmas without a visit from Lupita!

So let’s dive right in…now what on earth would the first question this week be?

Mike M (and about 50 others) asks…”What did you think of Corny’s rant on Russo’s guest column?”

Sooooooo…in case you’re not in the know, the venerable James E. Cornette took to the airwaves to voice his opinion on Vince Russo joining our little slice of heaven here at WrestleCrap.com. You can check out Russo’s piece on Beaver Cleavage, and view Cornette’s rant here. For the uninitiated, Russo and Cornette worked together for a couple years in the WWF nearly three decades ago. They did not get along to say the least.

I’ve never actually met Jim Cornette, but I was always a fan of his work as a manager in the wrestling business. And bravo to him – he has done something few other wrestling personalities have done, and that is transition his 1980’s character to relevancy at a very respectable level today. Sometimes if I see he has something of interest to me on his channel, I’ll turn it on as background noise – I find his rapport with Brian Last to be quite amusing, and his hyperbolic diatribes are generally comical.

However, it’s blatantly obvious he knows what to rant about to get the most reaction for his followers. He’s become a shock jock in every sense of the word. It’s a talent for sure, but I often question how so many folks can’t see so much of this is just an act. It would be like if you thought James Rolfe (The Angry Video Game Nerd) lived in his wood panel basement doing nothing but playing crap like Little Red Hood.

Russo? He’s a friend, and I feel very blessed to call him that. No one seemingly wants to actually get to know the guy – but years ago, Blade and I did. Anyone remember that WrestleCrap Radio interview when we first talked to him and never once asked about wrestling? Everyone – EVERYONE – talked about how great Russo was on that show, what a nice guy he seemed to be. Guess what? That’s what he’s like in real life too. If he has the guts to come on this site and attempt to defend himself, knowing full well that 95% of the world is going to stomp him into oblivion no matter what he says, why on earth would I block that?

As I’ve said countless times, while Russo and I are friends, we don’t generally agree on pro wrestling. In fact, we almost never agree on wrestling! There’s a reason I inducted so much of his stuff. With all that said, his columns don’t make him right nor do my inductions make ME right. It’s ok to have differing opinions, especially on something that is supposed to be fun like pro wrestling.

Thomas M wants to know…”What are the best and worst Christmas gifts you’ve ever received?”

Worst is easy. About 20 years ago, I told the extended family we should really do something better with our money than getting each other gifts at Christmas. I suggested we donate to charity. My very funny and mischievous was the only one who listened to me, buying me and Mrs. Deal Rosie O’Donell Barbie dolls where I portion was donated to charity. Suffice to say, we ‘forgot’ them at my Dad’s house. Now the yearly white elephant family gift exchange still has them in it. Everyone tries to avoid getting them. This year a Rosie O’Donell pillow was also introduced. I’ve grown to despise that gift exchange, as somehow we always get stuck with one of them for 12 months.

Best? There was a year when I got an Atari 1050 disc drive that allowed me to get all kinds of shall we say…questionably obtained…games. That made it like Christmas every day for months. But the all-time best gift was when Mrs. Deal showed me a positive pregnancy test and we learned RD Jr. was on the way. That happened on December 24 one year, and was verified on December 26. Nothing will ever compare.

Danny R inquires…”So i know they are called heat miser and snow miser, but like does heat miser control all temperature and just hates the cold? And on the other side does the snow miser control all precipitation, but like just really likes snow to get onto Santa’s good side? Or do you think there is more Miser brothers for each specific incident. I would love to hear the song for Mist Miser if they exist.”

Sorry, I’ve been unable to watch that show since Batman & Robin featured Mr. (Arnold) Freeze doing a song dance routine to it.

Jed S asks…”What Weird Al Christmas song is better: “The Night Santa Went Crazy” or “Christmas At Ground Zero”?”

Love them both, especially the ultra violent version of Crazy. But I have to go with “Christmas at Ground Zero”. We actually used that in the parade this year for the Rupert’s Kids Arcade float and somehow no one complained! The video for that is one is off the charts. In fact, let’s end this column in that manner.

Hee haw and Merry Christmas kids!

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