Tony Khan Only Halfway Through “The Death Of WCW”

The Death Of WCW Tony Khan AEW

Jacksonville, FL – AEW CEO Tony Khan has announced that he is currently reading The Death Of WCW, but has yet to finish it.

Following recent events, Khan fielded questions from wrestling journalists. Questions delved into the fallout from All Out, the surprise addition of Dennis Rodman, fluctuating live attendance, and more. When asked about AEW’s plans for the future and where he draws inspiration, Khan explained his resources.

“You know, I don’t have a lot of down time, but when I do, I try to read up on wrestling history,” explained Khan. “I try to take a little piece here and a little piece there from the past and update it for the modern wrestling scene. I’ve read everything by Mick Foley and Jericho. Eric Bischoff’s Controversy Creates Cash has been immensely helpful. I loved Bill Apter’s Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken.”

A follow-up question asking what he was currently reading revealed a surprising response.

Kahn revealed he began reading The Death Of WCW, a popular book written by two handsome and smart men, several months ago.

“It’s been fantastic, really eye-opening stuff,” praised Khan. “You really see where things went so well for WCW in the beginning. Strong matches, big stars, seemingly endless supply of money, multiple shows on cable. Then you see things start to teeter thanks to large contracts, backstage politics, fights, huge egos, unnecessary celebrity appearances, expensive gimmicks, and lack of clear leadership at the top.”

“I’ve been jumping around a little bit,” said Khan. “I just read the part about WCW going to Europe and doing gangbusters then coming back to the US and still having attendance problems. I’d hate to be in that situation! I haven’t finished it yet, so don’t tell me how it ends. It was Standards and Practices that killed WCW, right? Wait, wait, don’t tell me. I want to be surprised.”

Khan hopes to finish The Death Of WCW before the 20th Anniversary edition is released.

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