Tama Tonga Does Not Come With Crown As Illustrated

Tama Tonga King Of The Ring WWE Haku

Riyadh, SA – Following the company’s most recent trip to Saudi Arabia, WWE officials were quick to assure fans that Tama Tonga, will not come with a crown. An advertisement, inadvertently released earlier in the week, had shown Tama with the royal headwear.

Tama Tonga’s failure to rise to power was realized this past Friday on Smackdown when he lost to Randy Orton in a King Of The Ring tournament match. The crown itself has been a sore spot for Tama and his family for decades. For many years, wrestling fans would note that his father Haku’s LJN figure did not come with a crown, despite the crown being show in advertisements. Although, a figure was eventually created with a crown included, the slight has never been forgiven.

“The disrespect to me and my father, King Haku, continues,” said Tama Tonga in disgust. “I was supposed to win. As a member of The Bloodline and rightful heir to the WWE throne, I demand my crown. It doesn’t have to be a big one. Plastic is fine. Even one of those paper ones from Burger King. I’m not picky.”

Paul Heyman, the wise man for the Bloodline, has been putting in calls to various toy manufacturers in hopes of making Tonga’s dream come true. One small company, Funtastic Figures, based out of Cleveland, Ohio, seemed receptive to the idea, especially after hearing that Haku would be paying them a visit tomorrow.

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