WrestleCrap is Back…in POG Form. Plus Bobby Lashley, Repo Man, AEW’s black hole of gimmicks!

Always love when folks take whatever silliness we’ve put on the site and run with it on their own. One Mr. Steele has done so here, and that kicks off the mailbag with…

“Hey dude – I made a Tik Tok video where I heavily promoted your Wrestlecrap site. I’ve loved it for years. Anyhow here is the link if you’d like to check it out here.”

Never did understand pogs…but I know it was a HUGE thing for a blink of an eye in the 90s. Can please to explain that one in the comments below? Appreciate it.

Ryan G inquires…”If Bobby Lashley isn’t facing Bray Wyatt at Mania, then who should he face?”

Whoever was responsible for that sisters gimmick years back. If I still have nightmares about this, I am sure he does as well, so let him have some fun and get that out of his system.

Mike M asks…”What underrepresented profession would you like to see turned into a character in pro wrestling? For instance, has there ever been a chef-themed wrestler?”

Dude, what about that creepy pizza guy that was in AEW for a show or two? Luigi Primo I think? Whatever happened to him? Did he fall into the same hole as Bandido? Both were fascinating for entirely different reasons and they both seemed to have vanished without a trace. Here’s hoping the rumored third show brings all the missing AEW folks back and is hosted by Shaq, who comes back in an ambulance.

Aaron M wants to know…”Which move was more devastating? The Worm or the Garvin Stomp?”

No idea if he was or not, but I always thought Ronnie Garvin was a bad mutha. Just the way he was presented on those old Crockett shows had me totally buying into his tough guy persona. God bless Scotty, but he seemed more like the guy I’d want to go hang out with and play miniature golf. And probably some Daytona.

Gary G offends me with…”Which melon is the best? Watermelon, honeydew, or cantaloupe?”

Seriously? Haven’t you been around here long enough to know I pretty much hate all fruit? Not so much the taste but the texture, it legit creeps me out to have that stuff in my mouth. Even vegetables, I’m pretty much a soup vegetable (peas, carrots, corn (yes it’s a vegetable – or grass) and not a pizza vegetable (peppers, onions, etc.) guy.

Andy M ponders…”Pick a wrestler from 1990-1994 and insert them in todays stories. Who is it and why?”

Bret Hart. Always Bret Hart. Loved him, and he would fit in perfectly today. Heck I think in 200 years he’d fit in perfectly, the way the guy presented himself in the ring just seemed timeless to me. For comedic value, I’d go with Hulk Hogan. Would love to see an over the top gimmick like that showing up randomly today. Probably why I love the Outrunners so much.

Ralph A is concerned about…”Where in kayfabe is the repo man now? Did he lose his job, and how?”

I’d like to think he’s still out repoing bikes and cowboy hats. Like Bret Hart, that’s also timeless.

Larry W asks…”Would Tanahashi get over in U.S wrestling?”

My rule is that great wrestlers can get over anywhere they go. Before last week’s Dynamite, like most of the audience I had no idea who Vikingo was. Now? Tony K. should do whatever he can to ensure he locks him up as soon as he is able to do so. Talent always rises to the top. You can’t stop it.

David N rolls the 20-sided dice with…”As D&D movie is now out, what is the best cartoon live action movie remake?”

I was able to see Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves this week at a screening, and it was a lot of fun. It was in no way a remake of the cartoon, but suffice to say if you loved that cartoon (and honestly it was hands down my favorite one of the 1980s), you are in for a treat. Highly recommend it. Even RD Jr., who is super into the game itself, gave it high marks, saying it represented the source material well. Bravo to them.

And bravo to you all as well! Good bunch of questions this week, and as always, feel free to send in more rightchere!

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