Rick Martel Challenges Max Dupri To A Walk-Off

Orlando, FL – The wrestling and fashion world were ignited with excitement this past week when legendary wrestler Rick “The Model” Martel challenged Max Dupri to a walk-off.

In recent weeks, Dupri has taken over Smackdown to show off his clients from Maximum Male Models. Clients Mace and Mansoor have strutted their stuff down the runway to the delight of someone.

Fans went mild as the red carpet was once again rolled out for the trio. Mansoor and Mace modeled fleece swimwear while Dupri talked about cotton blends and calf muscles. Cameras flashed from photographers on the ramp as the crowd went mild.

Gentle harp strings and sultry saxophone signaled the return of Martel. The “essence of manliness” received a standing ovation from everyone over 35 in the audience. Martel, draped in a velvet sweater, posed for the crowd much to the chagrin of Dupri.

“Excuse me, brah,” said Dupri incredulously. “You are not titillating the juices of my my guilty pleasures.”

“You’re excused…and I’m not your brah,” retorted Martel. “Yes, I am a model and you three are no models. Rick Martel is a thoroughbred and you all are a bunch of smelly donkeys. You are not fit to walk in my handsome footsteps.”

“Are you challenging me to a walk-off?” asked Dupri.

“Oh, yeah. It’s a walk-off,” smirked Martel before spraying Dupri in the face with his signature scent, Arrogance.

The two have agreed to meet next week on Smackdown. The first model will walk while the second will duplicated an elaborate. Best of three wins. Former fashion model Dan Spivey will serve as guest judge.

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