Orange Cassidy’s Fourth Of July Fireworks Funtacular

Orange Cassidy celebrates the 4th of July

Wherever, USA – AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy celebrated the 4th of July with an incredible fireworks display. Surrounded by the extended Cassidy family, Orange made sure this was a holiday to remember.

Thanks to a generous donation of $100,000 by AEW head Tony Khan, the champion arranged the event in his backyard. His parents, Apple and Pear provided the food, a meal consisting of mashed potatoes and water. Grandparents Pineapple and Grapefruit set up the inflatable chairs. Family dog Honeydew slept inside.

With sunglasses affixed, the Cassidy’s slightly craned their necks upward. A ten-second countdown increased the excitement and anticipation. A lullaby version of “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by the Scorpions Halfway played over a Bluetooth speaker. Halfway through the countdown, Orange Cassidy shrugged and fired the button.

A single firework lazily launched in the air with a small sizzle. A single pop could be heard from literally a block as the night sky was barely illuminated by an anemic white explosion. With that, the Fireworks Funtacular was over.

The Cassidy family slightly raised their thumbs in approval. Orange Cassidy responded with his own loving thumbs up. They agreed to do it again, even bigger and better, on Labor Day. Khan has already pledged to donate $200,000 next time.

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