NXT Name Generator Breaks Down

NXT Shawn Michaels Names

Orlando, FL – NXT officials have announced early this morning that their Superstar Name Generator has currently broken down, putting a halt to all new wrestlers appearing on the show.

The NXT Generator, created by WWE in conjunction with the Trolla Corporation, broke down sometime last night following the conclusion of Heatwave. The company has relied heavily on the machine to create unique names for tomorrow’s WWE stars.

“I knew something was wrong when checking the spreadsheets and we were getting names like “Muffin Fuffin”, “MacKenZzzZzzzzZzZzZZZie” and “001011101001010101000 Smith,” explained NXT head Shawn Michaels. “I’ve tried chopping the name generator. I’ve tried super kicking it. I even did a kip up at it, but no luck.”

WWE officials are working quickly to fix the machine.

“We’ve been pushing the name generator too hard. It was bound to happen,” explained Lead Engineer Freddy Krupp. “With NXT rising in the ratings and more and more stars getting a chance, the generator was overheated and blew a few coils. Some processors too. Hopefully the motherboard isn’t fried.”

If the NXT name generator is still out of commission by the time of the next premium live event, WWE plans to name all newcomers “Conquistador” with ascending numbers following the name.

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