New Vince McMahon Series Receives NC-17 Rating

Hollywood, CA – In an unprecedented move, the Motion Picture Association of America has preemptively given the upcoming Vince McMahon scripted series an NC-17 rating. The unprecedented decision has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling and entertainment world.

While still in early development The United States Of America Vs. Vince McMahon has garnered a significant amount of attention from the entertainment world. Blumhouse Television is working with WWE on a dramatized version of the 1994 steroids trial involving McMahon. While liberties are often taken with adaptations, many have been taken aback with leaked dialogue and scenarios.

Rumored scenes include McMahon eviscerating ninjas, making graphic love to multiple models, and belittling Ted Turner in an expletive-filled rant. The scuttlebutt has drawn the attention of fans and television authorities as well. The series has already been labeled a “Video Nasty” in the United Kingdom, banned in Japan, and is being restricted in the United States.

“Normally, we don’t give ratings to television series, but in this case, we felt it was absolutely necessary,” said Motion Picture Association Of America spokeswomen Candace Tanner. “We fear that Netflix will not properly prepare people for what they may see on this show. The sheer amount of inappropriate language, over-the-top violence, and hardcore nudity is too much. A scene where Mr. McMahon slaps the Constitution with his three-foot long phallus is particularly reprehensible. Therefore, the MPPA is giving this soon-to-be-made series a rating of NC-17.”

While the ‘No One 17 Or Under Admitted’ classification has created a stigma around the series, Netflix is still preparing to air it unedited.

“People loved Bridgerton. I think we can get away with lots of McMahon butt,” said one anonymous Netflix official.

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