Leatherface’s Big Day Out

Leatherface and Tony Khan enjoy Nashville before the AEW Texas Chainsaw Massacre Death Match

Nashville, TN – Prior to his appearance during the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Death Match, Leatherface was given the royal treatment by AEW.

AEW president Tony Khan personally attended to the skin mask-wearing, chainsaw-swinging cannibal. Forgoing his usual Wednesday duties, Khan spent the day with the serial killer as a token of his appreciation for joining AEW.

“We wanted to show Leatherface how much we appreciate all that he’s done for the wrestling business,” said Khan, wrapping his arm around the serial killer. “When I wasn’t watching ECW as a kid, I was watching horror movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. Leatherface doesn’t get out a lot, so we made sure to give him a good time before the match.”

The two painted the town red with their antics., soaking in all that Nashville has to offer. They terrorized several bachelorette parties, chased people around the Grand Ole Opry, and ate at Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint.

At the arena, AEW presented the psychopath with a goodie bag. The gifts included AEW t-shirts, the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game, and chainsaw oil. The company’s generosity was also extended to Leatherface’s family as the group all received front-row tickets for the big event.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” shouted Leatherface, unclear if he enjoyed his time in AEW or if his insatiable need to kill was getting the best of him.

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