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Whew, I am completely spent. Just had a two day run at Cedar Point (“America’s Roller Coast!” they proudly proclaim) followed up by taking RD Jr. to college orientation then coming back home for his graduation party with tons of friends. It’s been a roller coaster ride both emotionally and very literally and I have almost nothing left in the tank…hopefully y’all have good questions to keep me awake this week! Let’s jump in…

Robb D must have been watching taht Death of WCW series they didn’t bother to talk to Bryan or myself as he leads us with…”One person who’s presence was most damning to WCW?”

That’s an easy answer – Jamie Kellner. He was the one that pulled the plug on WCW once and for all. But that likely would have never happened had things not spiraled so wildly out of control in 1999-2000. Point the finger at the usual suspects – Hogan, Bischoff, Nash, Russo. It’s really picking nits to say who was as you eloquently put it “most damning”, but as I’ve said for years, there was no one person that killed that company, it was truly a group effort. A big, stupid group effort that led to a horrible era of wrestling where there was no real competition.

Charles B continues on with…”What was the hardest part of writing the death of wcw?”

It will sound ironic, but the hardest part was watching those Nitros that were so great and knowing that not only wasn’t it going to last, it was going to perish a completely unneeded and tragic end. Have I mentioned how badly wrestling needs competition to be great? I’ll keep banging that drum as long as I live.

The amazing Derrick G asks…”Non-wrestling related…….
To ensure the health and safety of your family and friends you are required to complete one of the following video games…..
Ghosts & Goblins
Ninja Gaiden

Believe it or not, I never played BattleToads, or if I did, it was like a one-night rental and it didn’t stick with me. Ghosts & Goblins was not my jam until the sequel, Ghouls & Ghosts, launched with the Genesis. To this day I still love that one. That brings us to the final two – and if lives are on the line and it’s up to my skills to make it happen, it’s Castlevania without question. I am pretty sure I DID actually complete Ninja Gaiden, but I remember Castlevania being much easier. Plus I’d get to jam to that awesome soundtrack. It would be a win-win!

Ralph A continues the gaming fun with…”I’m watching the 1984 movie Cloak and Dagger, have you seen it? Lots of Atari in it.”

I don’t think I ever saw it, which is kinda weird as it was on HBO ALL. THE. TIME. back in the day. I do remember they had a bunch of Atari 5200 games in it, several of which never saw the light of day. I remember playing the Cloak and Dagger arcade game (well, on MAME) and being very “meh” about it. Is it worth revisiting?

Matthew J asks that burning question…”Where is Miro?”

Duh, he’s in the ambulance with Shaq.

Aaron M takes us back to the days of World Class and Midsouth with…”Even if the WWF wouldn’t have taken the initiative to take their brand national, would the territorial system of wrestling have survived or were their days already numbered?”

Territorial wrestling was not going to survive with the advent of cable, just zero chance of that. Territorial wrestling was a product of its time and that time was over. The world had changed. Look no further than Smokey Mountain. For all the bluster Cornette has these days with other promoters, it was clear he couldn’t read the room in the mid 90s and thus his foray as a promoter was short-lived. Sometimes you have to let the past die.

Rudy Y ponders…”Other then The Invasion, what is wrestling’s greatest fumble, and why is it The Nexus?”

I maintain it was the nWo. That started out as an absolutely incredible angle but it was clear no one had any idea what to do with it after the first six months. Which is a tragedy. Had so much potential and was run into the ground with the same hackneyed run-in finish to Nitro for months on end.

Cyndi S gets nostalgic (kinda sorta) with…”With the retirement of Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune, was there a retirement that you saw that made you feel like time has clearly passed?”

It wasn’t a retirement, but rather a passing that made me feel that way – it was when Randy Savage died. He was never really my all-time favorite per se, but he was near the top for many years. Bobby Heenan and of course Quake’s deaths hit me much harder, but when the Macho Man died it really did feel like that era I loved so much was forever gone.

Arya W wraps us up with…”With the anniversary of Hogan’s heel turn coming up, is that the most shocking turn ever?”

It was totally telegraphed in hindsight, but to this day Paul Orndorff turning on Hulk Hogan. Maybe it wasn’t the most shocking, but it was my favorite and one that further sunk that hook for me as a wrestling fan in my early fandom. And I know I am far from the only one.

Time for me to go collapse…everyone have a good week ahead and let’s get back together for the mail bag next week by sending your questions here!

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