Kerry Von Erich, Favorite Inductions, and the Greatness of Holiday in Handcuffs!

Christmas time is here…anyone else think that is the saddest song ever? Like the lyrics are fine, but those kids in the Peanuts show sing it like they are in a prison camp. And I have no idea how Charlie Brown doesn’t just go insane with everyone being so totally cruel to him; he never really does anything ‘wrong’ except buying a tree they don’t like. And I guess that’s the lesson here: kids can be cruel. How I started this mailbag off in such a manner hints I’ve been hitting the eggnog again, so let’s just dive in…

DevonRaynes M kicks us off with…”Considering the upcoming Iron Claw release, what was your opinion of The Texas Tornado gimmick and run for Kerry.”

I was of two minds about it in some way, as I was glad Kerry was able to go to the WWF and get exposure in the largest company in the world at the time, knowing that although he was super limited at that point even missing a foot wouldn’t be the end of the world as those shows weren’t nonstop ***** Dave-approved classics by any stretch. More than anything I hated that they tried everything in their power to transition away from the Von Erich name and just brand him as the Texas Tornado. If you’re bringing in a VON ERICH, at least try to capitalize on his name. But hey, this is the same company that brought back a guy who had what most considered the best match in company history at the biggest show they’d ever done and attempted to rebrand him simply as THE DRAGON instead of Ricky Steamboat. WWE has always been weird.

Ahmer A also has this one…”Given that the rules of the royal rumble are that both feet must touch the floor, why not have a storyline that Kerry von Erich is still in the 1992 rumble and it hasn’t ended”

Was Zach Gowen ever in the Rumble? If not, there’s another missed opportunity.

Adam C asks…”Don’t you wish you had your own Italian sports agent like Tommy DeVito does?”

That guy is a WrestleCrap Radio character if ever there was one. I can almost hear Blade doing a terrible Italian accent in my head right now.

Suhail A-R gets my theme park mojo going with…”When will you come for a vacation over to my neck of the woods to visit Warner Bros World? That’s not a question, it’s a reminder that we have it here. It’s the world’s largest indoor theme park you know. You could confuse many people here by asking them if they know who Victor Paul is.”

Man, that does look fun. Also funny you mentioned Victor Paul, Robin’s 45 year old balding stunt double…Russo and I are recording the FINAL episode of Joker’s Mustache this week. If you told me I’d have done a podcast where he and I reviewed every single Batman ’66 ep in history and have a total blast doing it like 15 years ago, I’d have thought you were crazy. But as I once heard Joker himself say in the comics, in the world of the sane, it’s the insane who’s king.

Arya W wants to know…”What induction(s) did you have the most fun writing?”

In the early days, all of them. It was so much fun using detective skills and going to every video store I could find for content. When I met Blade, it was stuff he and I would brainstorm together. We’d always try so hard to make each other laugh and that was always a blast. Also overlooked are the Christmas Inductions – I look forward to doing them every year. Even this year, when I am FINALLY doing one I’ve avoided like the plague that has been requested for like 20 years. It hits the site this Thursday night at 8pm EST.

Andrew S asks the same question I get every week now…”How can AEW turn things around?”

Honestly they just need to slow down and focus on a few storylines and characters. Reveal the devil character and make it something strong. I think having Britt revealed as the mastermind would be a lot of fun, as I believe her being a master evil manipulator is something she could do very well. As I’ve said 1,000 times, if they can just get a hot angle going they’ll be fine, and they had that until the Adam Cole injury derailed everything.

Jim PS brings the yuletide cheer with…”My wife and I are watching “Holiday in Handcuffs,” and why does it look like it’s 480p?”

Be thankful because if that ice skating scene where Trudie does the triple axle was any higher res you’d see just how much the skater does not look like Melissa Joan Hart. Also, mad props to you for discovering the utter joy that is this movie. It really should be in the upper echelon of Christmas films – I love it every bit as much as Christmas Vacation and it has the same array of insane family members. Aunt Bethany ain’t got nothing on Nympho Grandma here, and I’d put creepy gas station guy on par with Cousin Eddie every time. In fact, I think I need to go watch this AGAIN right now!

I’m not joking, so it’s time to wrap up the ‘bag for another week! But we’ll be back in seven with more fun so keep sending those questions in rightchere!

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