Judgement Day Visited By Santa R-Truth

Judgement Day R-Truth Santa Claus

Los Angeles, CA – WWE stable The Judgement Day was visited by a very familiar-looking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

A creature was stirring the on the roof of Judgement Day’s clubhouse. The group patiently waited at the chimney and grabbed Santa as he descended into the room. Rhea Ripley put the jolly man in a headlock as Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh took turns wailing on them.

“What’s up?!” shouted Santa, his beard falling off to reveal that it was really R-Truth.

“I just wanted to give my best friends in the whole wide world some Christmas gifts,” said Santa Truth, dusting off his rental jacket. “I also got something for JD, even though technically you’re not in the group anymore after I beat you last week.”

Balor and Priest held back McDonagh as Truth reached into his sack full of gifts.

“Rhea, as the leader of Judgement Day, I got you this spiffy new leather jacket,” said Santa Truth handing her the stylish coat. “See, it’s got spikes and studs on it cause you’re so spikey and studly.”

Ripley eagerly put the jacket on, feeling the fine leather and carefully-placed accessories.

“Damian, I noticed your Money In The Bank briefcase was looking a little beat-up. A classy man like yourself needs something with style, so I got you a Prada Leather Briefcase. It’s perfect for carrying all your important papers, or hair ties, or some light snaps.”

Priest, toss his old briefcase aside and carefully placed his Money In The Bank contract into the fancy carrier.

“Finn, you’re a simple man, so here’s a bunch of Legos. Don’t step on ‘em!” said Santa Truth showering the former Universal Champion with little building blocks. “Dom-Dom, you’re a man with a sophisticated ballet so I got you a gallon of ranch dressing.”

Balor immediately began building with the Legos as Mysterio dipped several chicken fingers into the ranch.

“Now, JD, I know we’ve had our problems, but old Santa dug deep and to you something extra special,” said Truth reaching into the bag. McDonagh’s joy quickly turned to anger as Truth took out an over-sized novelty foam cowboy hat.

“It’s the perfect fit!” said Santa Truth, placing the hat on McDonagh’s larger-than-average-sized head.

The rest of Judgement Day laughed uproariously at the humorous sight. McDonagh ripped off the hat and chased Truth around the clubhouse until tripping over Balor’s Legos. With a triumphant “ho-ho-ho”, R-Truth escaped up the chimney and fled into the night.

Judgement Day is currently reconsidering Truth’s potential membership with the group while also purchasing more headgear for JD McDonagh.

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