Jacksonville Jaguars Awarded AEW Championship Belt

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence proudly displays the AEW TBS Championship belt

Kansas City, MO – In a new tradition, AEW head Tony Khan presented the Jacksonville Jaguars with an AEW championship belt following their game Saturday afternoon.

Although the Jaguars lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, Khan felt the Jaguars deserved recognition. Khan neglected to mention he is the Chief Football Strategy Officer for the team and that his father Shahid is the owner. Despite the depressed mood in the locker room, Khan was excited to bestow such an honor onto the team.

“As a symbol of your hard work, dedication, and achievements in the face of adversity, All Elite Wrestling would like to present the Jacksonville Jaguars with a championship belt!”

Khan took two steps to his right and accepted the belt from himself.

“Wow!” said an emotional Khan, wiping away a tear. “This is so unexpected!” Khan went to each player, embraced them tightly, and showed them the belt.

“It’s a huge honor to receive the…Hos Championship?” said Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence, furrowing his brow.

“TBS Championship,” whispered Khan.

“Oh, the, uh, Tedious Championship,” said Lawrence confidently.

Team officials have announced that they will build a trophy case to hold the belt. It will be displayed next to several divisional championship banners, Tony Boselli’s retired jersey, and an autographed picture of Mark Brunell.

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