Headlies: Sin Cara Patiently Awaiting Phone Call From Triple H

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Mexico City, Mexico – Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara has been spending the past two weeks patiently waiting to receive a call from Triple H.

The original masked luchador came to the WWE in 2011 as a pet project of Triple H. Seen as a can’t-miss prospect, the wrestler formerly known as Mistico, hit the ground running. Unfortunately, he hit lots of other things on the way down and suffered numerous injuries throughout his tenure. After a failed feud against his evil doppleganger Sin Cara Negro, Sin Cara left the WWE and returned to Mexico, performing under several different names.

Despite his tumultuous time in WWE, Cara believes that with Triple H’s rise to power, his return is imminent.

“The WWE Universe is ready for Sin Cara,” said Cara. “Ciampa gets more TV time. Io Skye has been called up. Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Dakota Kai, Hit Row, and Dexter Lumis have all made surprise returns. Why not me?” asked Sin Cara, accidentally biting his tongue in the process.

Keeping a close vigil on his phone, Sin Cara continues to patiently wait for the inevitable call.

“Any day now,” he said to himself before pulling his hamstring while stretching. Eventually, Sin Cara picked up the phone to see if it was working.

“Hang up! He might be trying to call right now!” yelled his roommate Ryback.

Sin Cara quickly slammed the receiver down, bashing his thumb in the process.

“Oh no! You might’ve broken it!” shouted Ryback angrily.

The duo spent the rest of the day driving around in Ryback’s hatchback looking for a Radio Shack to purchase a new phone.

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5 Responses to "Headlies: Sin Cara Patiently Awaiting Phone Call From Triple H"
  1. OPC says:

    Sin Cara back when he was still with WWE: “As long as I have my earning power, we’ve got nothing to worry about!”

    *pokes self in eye with hotdog*

    “Ow! Call work and tell them I won’t be in tomorrow!”

  2. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Why on the trip to Radio Shack do I imagine Ryback singing the American Males theme?

  3. Jake Yayger says:

    Can we please get a series of Headlines detailing the hilarious antics of Sin Cara and Ryback as roommates? Pls?

    “Cara, can you check what this guy said about me on Twitter? I’d look, but, y’know, I blocked him.”
    “Si.” *inexplicably tears his ACL*

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      I agree 1000% – I’d like to know who they met at Radio Shack – possibly Eva Marie who is stunned she has not been called back ahead of Dakota and Iyo.

      Also, I have a feeling they might be looking to form a tag team named the MexAmerican Males in a complete and utter Crapfest…

  4. Andre R. says:

    I say once again: I was a fan of the Hunico version of Sin Cara, not the original. The one who teamed with Kalisto in the Lucha Dragons and the one who could speak English. I liked him and wherever he is, I wish him well. He was part of the releases due to budget cuts and seriously speaking, I don’t think he’s coming back to WWE anytime soon. Just being realistic!

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