Does Sting Retire Undefeated, Rock and Roman, Great Heel Tactics, and 20 Years of Death of WCW!!

Was starting to enjoy the warm weather we were getting when all of a sudden we get hit with about 4″ of snow. And you know what…it’s really pretty. Sure, I would have preferred it at Christmas to go along with all those classic carols, but I think I’ll just appreciate the beauty of it, even in February. Something else I will appreciate is the questions you all send me. At least I think I will. Let’s dive in and see what you have this week…

Arya W kicks us off with…”Does Sting retire undefeated from AEW or does he put over Matthew and Nicholas?”

Sting retires undefeated. Zero chance the Bucks beat him in his final match. The whole build up is pretty good: Darby and Sting now have the tag belts, so it makes sense the Bucks would want them and since they are EVPs, would be able to stack the deck so they can get them. Thus everyone is thinking they will get them. But the Bucks will do what they do best – be bumbling idiots in the match and lose that chance. Said it before and I will say it again – heel Bucks are the best Bucks.

Nevs C ponders…”Will The Rock start talking like himself again before Wrestlemania or is this John Woo speed style his new thing?”

I think his plan is just to plow through any What chants and this is certainly a way to do it. I will say however after watching Smackdown last night that he has such mastery of crowd control he could do anything he wants. Honestly, his whole diatribe about Cody “finishing his story” and using the 49ers as an example was so eloquent I was like, “You know what? He’s kinda right about that.” Another quality of a great heel – the ability to have you see their logic. The Horsemen were so good at that. And I think back to the first Black Panther movie and I always saw Killmonger’s point of view. Just something to chew on I suppose.

Mike M makes me feel old with…”With this being the 20th anniversary of your book, how much has changed in the way you view WCW—especially after your interactions with Russo & Bischoff?”

It’s amazing it’s been TWENTY YEARS since the original Death of WCW was released. That simply blow my mind. As far as how I view WCW NOW versus when Bryan & I first wrote the book, I guess I better see other folks’ perspectives. Folks like Vince and Eric are actual people, and thus at some level, they view things differently than I do. I think at times they tend to skew what actually happened, which makes sense – you don’t want to wake up every morning and play the What If game. It’s a pointless endeavor, so you insulate yourself with your own logic as to why something didn’t work out the way you were hoping. That happens in every day life for all of us. Who hasn’t had something blow up in their face? You learn to cope with it by determining what you did right, what you did wrong, and what you had no control over. In my own life, I tend to blame myself more than anyone else. Others don’t. Nothing wrong with that per se, just again, something that makes us all unique.

George P wants to know…”Was there a call out for squash of the week? I had found one I had remembered where it’s a wonder a high quality wrestler didn’t kill the jobber.”

I’m ALWAYS looking for good Squash of the Week material. If you have it, send it rightchere.

Thomas M asks…”Will you ever induct the Mass Transit Incident from the original ECW? The whole thing reeked of crap with Eric Kulis trying to make himself out as an innocent victim when in fact he was a proven liar.”

You know, that was such a gross affair from every aspect I think I’ll continue to avoid it. At the end of the day, I really want the site to be about happiness and laughs (I admit, I don’t always live up to that standard but I DO try), and that was anything but. So yeah, don’t expect that anytime soon.

Michael B notes a possible oversight with…”In the Zybszko/Bischoff entry, you mentioned you need to induct HBK v Hogan. Is that still on the agenda?”

We have never covered that? I thought for sure we had. If not, yeah, we will do that one at some point.

Forrest G asks…”Would you ever agree to do a podcast with Conrad Thompson? Or at least a hotdog eating contest?”

I know a lot of folks bag on Conrad, but I never will. He’s always been great to me. I doubt a podcast with he and I would be very interesting though, as I am more a “theater of the mind” guy as WrestleCrap Radio demonstrates.

Sean B wraps us up with…”Would you and your Death of WCW co-writer, Bryan Alvarez, dissect his match against Orange Cassidy?”

This is seriously one of my all time favorite matches. Bryan is perfect in his role as a nefarious heel, Orange Cassidy is great at being…well, Orange Cassidy. There’s no better way for me to end this column than reposting it for your enjoyment.

That’s it for this week. Keep those questions coming in rightchere!

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