Coronation Interrupted By Kings Of The Ring

WWE King of the Ring winners try to become the new king of England at the coronation of Charles III

London, UK – The royal coronation of Charles III was thrown into disarray this past weekend when several wrestlers tried to claim the crown as their own.

The pomp and circumstance surrounding the crowning were stopped as former King Of The Ring winners pushed their way through the crowd. Easily dispatching security and royal guards, the Superstars confronted the monarch.

“What’s all this then?” asked a flabbergasted Charles.

“Fella, this here is my throne you’re sitting in,” said King Seamus defiantly.

King Haku stared silently; his arms crossed.

“USA! USA!” chanted King “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

King Haku continued to stare menacingly.

“I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news,” crowed King Wade Barrett. “Prices are up, wages are down, and and not a single person has forced Jacob Rees-Moog to eat an eel pie. Some coronation!”

A brawl broke out among the group, fighting and struggling to sit on the throne. King Billy Gunn wiggled and scissored to the crowd’s delight while King Kurt Angle threw cartons of milk. King Booker defiantly spin-a-roonied as King Ken Shamrock got “into the zone”.

King Haku stood unmoving, still staring.

As the struggling continued, currently Queen Of The Ring Zelina Vega, sat on the throne and placed the crown upon her head. Her coronation was greeted by worldwide approval and relief.

Officially the new leader of the United Kingdom, Queen Zelina’s first order of business is to knight all the members of Latino World Order.

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