Headlies: Jenna Morasca To Induct Sharmell Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Orlando, FL – Early this morning, WWE announced that former Survivor contestant Jenna Morasca would be inducting Sharmell into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Many wrestling fans remember Morasca’s now-legendary bout with Sharmell at TNA’s Victory Road 2009. The match earned Wrestling Observer’s Worst Worked Match Of The Year award, a Minus Five Stars Rating from Figure Four’s Bryan Alvarez, and numerous appearances on Botchamania.

While some have questioned if Sharmell was worthy of being in the Hall Of Fame, Vince McMahon explained her long and illustrious wrestling career.

“Sharmell is royalty, so she is a natural fit for the Hall Of Fame,” said McMahon proudly. “She’s gone from Nitro Girl, to valet, to Queen. Who could forget her creepy feud with Kurt Angle? The way she used to yell ‘All hail King Booker!’ was just terrific.”

Despite never having worked in the company, WWE officials insisted that Morasca be included.

“I’ve been keeping busy since my retirement from wrestling,” said Morasca. “Y’know, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I’ve really gotten into soup recently. Broths, chowders, bisques. It’s non-stop excitement for me. It will be tough, but I’ll fit Sharmell into my schedule.”

When asked about her inductor, Sharmell said, “Can’t The Boogeyman just spit some worms into my face instead?”

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5 Responses to "Headlies: Jenna Morasca To Induct Sharmell Into The WWE Hall Of Fame"
  1. James says:

    Here’s what I think…get ready this will be long…

    First, I think Sharmell was because she lives in Texas, and to complete the Harlem Heat Family. Did Booker have say in it, who can say? But…sad to say….and forgive me for not having a better word for this…but Sharmell might just be The Token. So they can say they inducted someone who’s both a POC AND a woman.

    Here now is my HOF Speculation FAQ, ahead of the “What About…?” posts I know will be coming…
    Remember, this is speculation, not fact, for the most part….

    – Elizabeth’s family apparently wants nothing to do with wrestling.
    – Sable was said not to want to be on camera now.
    – Woman…do I even have to explain why they’d want to distance themselves from her? (I know she was the victim, but it would bring back bad memories, and I’m sure some people would twist it with clickbait headlines like “Chris Benoit’s wife to be in the WWEHOF”. And smartass fans would hijack her induction with Benoit chants.)
    – Terri I guess so they don’t have to mention AEW’s Dustin Rhodes? And guilt by association with the DSOTR/Plane Ride?
    – Actually…I feel like WWE wants to distance themselves from anyone seen or talked about on Dark Side of the Ring in general. Which I should have mentioned in Nancy’s case too. (so, say, no Tommy Dreamer for the ECW wing as it were)
    – Debra no, as long as Austin is still working with them, I’d guess.
    – Anyone involved in that CTE fiasco. (Jazz said she wasn’t, but I recall seeing it)
    – Anyone who is in no rush to make nice with WWE, obviously. (Missy Hyatt definitely would fit this category)
    – People dangerous by a live mic (Missy would DEFINITELY fit here too. For the men, someone said Sabu…well he’s been on Twitter making inappropriate tweets including wishing death on Roman Reigns…)
    – People involved in other companies.
    – Anyone linked to someone involved in other companies. (I can see WWE not wanting so-and-so to be seen in a video package, or anything leading to AEW chants at their HOF.)
    – Cyndi Lauper’s story seems to change depending on what the NEWZ is. Some said she asked but was turned down, others that she wasn’t asked at all, and others say she was asked but she turned them down. The latter has one big bit of speculation….as someone claims she said she won’t go as long as a certain other member of the celebrity wing is there…a certain very divisive celeb/politician, who one could say was picked over her when they did a HOF in the New York area. Remember, she is friends with Rosie O’Donnell, who was/is this guy’s archenemy.

    Chris Benoit, I HOPE we know by now why not. You can probably fill in other blackballed guys like Nailz or New Jack. Buck Zumhoffe too.

    Now something I noticed last year and this year’s class, so far. Most of the stars were big in the nineties. Is anything before that now considered too old? Also, the 80s (and back) featured many “problematic” characters and people. It’s been almost one year since we started noticing Peacock making changes to the Network’s content (esp. the Roddy Piper Mania 6 match)…perhaps NBC doesn’t want WWE glorifying people from this era?

    (Kamala for instance. As it is he ticked the Lawsuit and Hated WWE boxes. But FS1 banned his SummerSlam match with Undertaker when they reran the PPV. Just saying.)

    And back to the women’s division, that anti-80s-and-back bias is moreso true if this idea is right : they just don’t want to acknowledge any women from pre-1993 (if you recall, that countdown last year began with the Alundra Blayze era). This could be because of course most of the division back then was all Moolah’s girls, and perhaps they don’t want to re-open that can of worms from 4 years back or so when they tried to start the women’s battle royal at Mania. Never mind that 1) they don’t have to mention her, although some kinda should. And 2) that situation is not as black-and-white as DSOTR and others made it out to be, and I am not ready to commit to either Guilty nor Innocent. I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened of course. But…why did it come out after she died? And take this for what you will, as it came from a commenter on Jim Cornette’s podcast, but he did a lengthy post on how “only 2 women said she was guilty, compared to 12 or more who said it was all lies” and other things.

    • Noobie says:

      But Sharmell was always some serious hot chocolate……she should get in the HOF on her longevity and beauty alone. No wondet Booker t married her immediately.

  2. Ben says:

    I had the displeasure of watching that train wreck of a match when I used to watch TNA. I don’t think my sanity will be the same if I re-watch the whole goddamn thing again.

  3. Thomas Moffatt says:

    This one had me scratching my head but mind you I have been doing that since Torrie Wilson got inducted. You know, she of the Al Wilson storyline, endless dreadful matches with Dawn Marie and that really uncomfortable onscreen relationship with Tajiri. I recall her being bland, uninspiring, woeful in the ring and little more than eye candy who gave deadbeat generation X-er’s and conflicted millennials the odd stiffy. Maybe Vince wanted everyone to think she gave him a stiffy and not one of the men’s locker room…

    Anyhow, I’m still baffled how Sharmell and Torrie Wilson get in the HoF when Luna Vachon is only deemed worthy of the Legacy Hall of Fame…

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