Old school managers, WCW 2000, Ken Patera, and RD cops out on the Mount Rushmore of WrestleCrap!

The sun is out and I foolishly believe I won’t need the snow blower anymore this year. Despite all that, one thing remains consistent: the mail keeps coming in and I keep answering it! Let’s do this thing. (And remember, you can always send in submissions here.)

Benjamin P starts us off with…”Should old-school managers make a comeback? Really, at the moment, Paul Heyman is just about the last of that breed–and I think it’s hard to argue the value he adds to the storylines in which he’s involved.”

Paul is a special case. He really is. He understands the business at a level few others do. There’s actually tons of managers, especially in AEW, where you just kinda wonder why they are there. The challenge is there are just so few Heymans around. And there will never be another Bobby Heenan. It’s something of a lost art to be sure.

Sean B asks…”When will you n Vince Russo dissect the WCW reboot in 2000 that Vince n ATM Eric did?”

It’s so weird, since the relaunch I keep coming up with inductions I thought I did but never actually wrote. Yeah, there are some we removed due to their…questionable…nature, but other stuff just never existed despite my thinking they did. Or I wrote it a quarter century ago and is probably due to be revisited. Look for more of that in the coming months.

John N wants to know…”Don’t you think Flanders is a stupid jerk?”

I mean, that time he blew up at the entire town was somewhat questionable, but he kinda had a point, right?

Steve L ponders…”Mount rushmore of wrestlecrap?”

I never like being pigeonholed into picking only four – Blade and I did the WrestleCrap Book of Lists! just to make fun of the concept of lists in general and this is just another example of it. And seriously…you want to look at ALL the horrible stuff in wrestling and only pick four? Props to those who can pull it off, but ain’t no way no how can I do that!

Mike M throws this out there…”WWF had The Gobblegooker. WCW had WildCat Willie. TNA had Stomper…what should AEW have as a mascot?”

I’m picturing a robot. Maybe the Trolla Corporation could get to work on something for Tony. A Johnny 520ST is long overdue.

JJ L goes into the past with…”Was Sgt. Slaughter a GI Joe character then a wrestler or a wrestler then a GI Joe character?”

Wrestler, then GI Joe character. Reportedly led to him and Vince splitting in the mid 80s as I recall, although other reasons have been mentioned as well. I no longer even try to play the role of historian, there’s way better folks out there that can do that for you.

Diana LS is hungry for an answer to…”Ken Patera throwing brick through McDonalds, I know you’ve touched on this before but…. I need to know more….”

Sure, happy to help. In fact, I will do so in musical form. Click here.

Jed S wants to know…”What’s your Girl Scout Cookie power ranking?”

I am all for scouting – RD Jr. is in line to get his Eagle rank, in fact – but I find Girl Scout cookies to be something of a miss in terms of quality. Seriously, if you were going to Kroger and those were unbranded with the Girl Scout logo on the shelf, would you get a box? There’s usually way better stuff in the deli area of any decent food mart. Heck, even standard stuff like Nutter Butters, Oreos, or any decent Keebler chocolate chip is better in my book. Way cheaper too! Think I’d gladly grab a box of Famous Amos and throw five bucks in the scouts’ donation jar instead.

Rob N lights the Batsignal for…”Favorite Batman related video game/pinball table?”

So many to choose from, but batarang to the head I’ll go with Batman 66 pinball from Stern. I got mine like three years ago and I still play it pretty much every single day. We are planning on doing a deep dive on it for a future Joker’s Mustache with Russo.

Simon JL inquires…”Will we see RD run for Mayor at some point?”

I do not follow politics and never will again. I did that with some zeal earlier in my life and found it to be a pointless endeavor, serving to do nothing more than anger up the blood. I’d be lucky to tell you who the vice president of the US is at this point, and I am far happier for it. It’s amazing what you can do when you remove the shackles in life that weigh you down. Politics was that for me. Wrestling ratings are a close second. 😉

Think that’ll do it for this week. Until next week, let’s all be nice to each other and make this world a better place, m’kay? 😉

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