George R.R. Martin Apologizes For Taking So Long Finishing Cody’s Story

George R.R. Martin Wrestlemania Cody Rhodes

Philadelphia, PA – Popular novelist George R.R. Martin officially apologized to wrestling fans this weekend for taking so long finishing Cody Rhodes’s story.

Since returning to WWE, Rhodes has been vowing to “finish his story”. While many believed this to be a clever turn of phrase, Rhodes has actually been working closely with Martin to complete his tale.

The famously slow and meticulous author behind Game Of Thrones and Nightflyers has spent the better part of two years brainstorming, workshopping, and writing with Cody to craft the perfect, Hollywood-style epic.

“It’s been a long road and I admit, I got a little distracted, and I’m sorry to all the fans who have waited patiently to conclude,” explained George R.R. Martin. “Cody Rhodes and I really wanted to build up something special and it has taken longer than planned. The story has everything you could ask for: political intrigue, family drama, garish symbols, injuries, redemption, yeeting. But somewhere along the way, things got out of hand. We finally tied things up last night after he beat Roman Reigns and I’m thrilled with how it all turned out.”

“Unfortunately, we had to cut the special entrance I had written for Wrestlemania where Brandi comes out riding on the back a dragon,” sighed Martin. “Maybe, next year. I’m just glad I was able to actually finish the story before House Of The Dragon season 2 starts.”

Joined by a weary editor and his trusty Windows ME-running personal computer, George R.R. Martin has already started crafting the next chapter for Cody. Excited WWE officials expect a rough draft of his outline sometime in 2027.

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