Surprising Crap, One-Off Characters, Koji Kitao vs. Quake, Oddball Music and More

Earthquake vs. Koji Kitao

Ho ho ho, hope y’all are enjoying the fun that is the Twelve Days of WrestleCrap! As you see, we are posting all sorts of goodies, and that fun is going to be continuing right up until the big day on December 12. Rest assured, you will want to be here then as Christmas is coming early to my fellow Crappers! SPEAKING OF, let’s hear from you fine folks via RD’s Mailbag…

Jason C asks…”What’s the most surprising source of WrestleCrap?”

I think honestly it may be WrestleMania. You’d expect a show like Raw to have its fair share of Crap as it’s weekly and they have to just keep cranking out content; the law of averages says it’s going to also produce more than the normal amount of inductions. However, over the years WWE’s biggest event of the year always seems to have something we at this here site cannot overlook. Oh, and you didn’t ask, but as far as least surprising, it would have to be those old Coliseum home videos. Those were a treasure trove and I mined them for all they were worth.

Ahmer A writes…”Who is your favorite one-off drop in character from the podcast, and why is it Zombie Stu Hart?”

After over a year, I’ve finally been able to start listening to old WrestleCrap Radios again…there were so many weird, goofy characters on that show it’s nearly impossible for me to pick. My all-time favorite may have been Jake Lloyd Jr. who ran into Mike Check at a Star Wars convention. It didn’t end well for Mike, but let’s be real, when did anything ever end well for that buffoon? It did my heart good to post our Christmas 2008 show. Blade & I had so much fun doing those shows.

Rudy Y inquires…”Did you ever get an answer regarding the dream with Tammy talking about Smokey And The Bandit and Stroker Ace?”

I don’t frequent correctional facilities in Florida, so no.

Sean B wants to know…”When will you induct Koji Kitao vs Friend of the ‘crap John Tenta?”

That is a really good question. Let’s plan for it sometime in 2023. I’ve been thinking of Quake a lot lately, he’s another good friend I really miss.

Daniel S asks…”What’s the best thing Vince Russo did for the WWF and WCW? Killing WCW is not an accurate answer lol.”

Starting a Batman 66 podcast with me, of course, Joker’s Mustache! Join the fun of that show by clicking rightchere. It’s less than a buck a week and well worth it.

Jeff H writes…”Who is your most underrated personality in wrestling history? I always loved Joey Styles so he gets my vote.”

Your timing is impeccable – I will be doing an interview with my own personal favorite underrated guy in wrestling for the site early this week as part of the Twelve Days celebration. Really curious if anyone can correctly guess who it might be…

Mike M finishes us up with…”What’s the strangest place you’ve seen wrestling music show up?” and includes the following video:

It’s really weird, but WCW used a LOT of stock music so it would show up all over the place back in the day. One of my favorite themes was this one for Lex Luger:

You’d hear that on car commercials, bumpers, you name it.

I think that will do it for the week, short and sweet. But hey, with the Twelve Days going crazy, ain’t no shortage of material around here (and tons more to come!)…

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