Roman’s Title Reign, Baron von Rashke, Jim Ross vs. Angry Jim, and the Legend of HILLBILLY TOOTER

Trade show week for me, so I’ve caught like zero wrestling, even checking news or reviews. As I’m in a mad dash to drive nine hours to make it back in time for Haunted Arcade at Rupert’s, this mailbag will be my only chance for a wrestling fix…let’s see what y’all got for me!

Aaron M kicks us off with…”How did Baron Von Rashke just turn 83 when he’s never looked a day under 85 his entire career?”

This just in – some folks age better than others. For instance, I look like Methuselah while Mrs. Deal somehow looks twenty years younger than she is. It’s crazy. I always used to quote that old SNL skit where Khan boards the Enterprise and chastises Sulu for gaining a little weight to which he replied “We all get older Khan!” but as I age I am finding that’s not really the case. So instead I’ll give you one Shawn Michaels as evidence the universe kinda balances itself out.

The Splendid Gem of Professional Wrestling, Diamond Dan dials 335-HOTT and asks….”My question is how come we’ve never heard of Hillbilly Tooter before this?”

I think the proper question to ask here is he the Height or the Valley? And what does that even mean?

Arya W ponders…”Do you think they may try to keep the belt on Roman for 8 years so he beats Bruno’s record? We’re already at 3.”

No, I think he will lose it before then…but not before he breaks the Hulkster’s record. When he does, I can’t wait for Hogan to spin a new yarn about how his record should actually be longer since he worked 400 days a year with his wacky international date line logic. That will be glorious.

Joseph wants to know…”On a WWCR and in a recent mailbag, you mentioned that JR was not the friendliest to you and Blade at Starrcast. Did it seem like he knew about Angry JR?”

I sincerely doubt he knew about Angry Jim, but rather he simply WAS Angry Jim as he complained nonstop about how he had to walk too far to get back to the hotel or something. He was super surly. I always give folks the benefit of the doubt thinking everyone has bad days, but over the years pretty much every interview or appearance I see of the guy it seems that is who he actually is. That or maybe he absolutely knew about the character and decided to become Angry Jim in tribute to Blade. I think I’ll go with the latter.

James B asks…”Which unfinished storyline do you still think about? Personally, I still want to know who was driving the white hummer.”

For years I never thought anything would pass up the Dusty Rhodes/Baby Doll photos, but now it’s hands down what happened to Shaq when he got into the ambulance and disappeared. To this day, any time I see an ambulance not only in AEW but in WWE as well I keep thinking we’ll see him pop back up. Hasn’t yet, but I am hoping on like the 25th anniversary of Dynamite he just randomly shows up and tells us the recovery took a long time, but he’s finally ok.

David N wraps us up with…”Best Halloween movie, and why is it Tim Burton’s Nightmare before christmas?”

I absolutely LOVE NBC, it’s one of my all time favorite films of any genre, but I consider it more a Christmas movie. If I had to pick a single favorite Halloween film…man. I am not a huge horror genre guy, but I adore all the old Universal monster movies from the 1930s and 1940s. Also think the original Halloween is top shelf. Pick any of those, you can’t go wrong.

Short mailbag this week, but traveling has me worn to a nub. We will be back in full force next week with new SQUASH, new INDUCTION, and an extended mailbag. Until then, say something nice to someone you don’t know and keep those questions coming!

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