Earthquake’s Quakeburgers Go Viral On TikTok

Earthquake Quakeburgers WWF WWE Tiktok

Surrey, BC – Quakeburgers, the unique delicacy first created by WWE legend Earthquake, has taken the social media app TikTok by storm. Users of all ages and demographics have been posting videos of them making and eating the delicious meal. Many videos include the former WWF tag team champion’s theme music and trademark stomps.

The craze has slowly started to make its way into the mainstream with several celebrity chefs trying their on spin on Quakeburgers. Gordon Ramsey made his with fresh tomato and basil with a crème fraîche. Rachel Ray made Quakeburger Casserole. Even Isa Chandra Moskowitz created a vegetarian version with soy crumbles and jackfruit.

Quakeburgers is now replacing chicken nuggets and spaghetti tacos as children’s preferred dinner night at home. Elementary schools are looking to include “Quakeburger Day” onto their lunch menus. Fast food icons like McDonald’s and Burger King are testing Quakeburgers in various markets through the United States.

Everyone seemingly wants to get their hands on Earthquake’s Quakeburgers. Just don’t ask about the secret ingredient. It rhymes with “quake”.

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