Dana Brooke Still Showing Up To WWE Events

Dana Brooke hiding backstage WWE released

San Jose, CA – Despite being recently released from the company, former WWE Superstar Dana Brooke is still showing up at WWE events.

The former 15-time WWE 24/7 Champion has been spotted by fans, wrestlers, and employees over the past week at Monday Night Raw. Although she was obviously not booked to wrestle, Brooke attended an all-staff meeting. At one point she even asked a question about travel reimbursements.

While there were murmurs of disapproval, the general awkwardness has kept people from asking Brooke to leave.

“She was on the list of released wrestlers, right?” asked one assistant. “I’m not sure anymore. She’s just so confident about being here that I guess I misread the list a few weeks ago.”

Dana Brooke’s strategy of pretending that she was not fired appeared to be paying off. After receiving a check for travel reimbursement, Brooke was seen at catering loading her gear bag with salmon filets, Caesar salad, and dinner rolls. Throughout the rest of the event, the former wrestler hid behind production equipment, trying not to raise any suspicions.

Some are wondering how long this charade can continue. Many suspect that the Money In The Bank 2020 participant can keep the ruse up until at least the Royal Rumble.

“See you next week in Omaha!” said Dana Brooke cheerfully as she left the locker room, her bag dripping with Caesar dressing.

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