CM Punk Impersonator Hurts Triceps To Complete Look

CM Punk Lookalike Wrestlemania

Yonkers, NY – Local CM Punk impersonator Jackie Buonocore purposely injured his triceps this weekend in order to maintain his accurate look.

Last week, former WWE Champion CM Punk was injured at the Royal Rumble, knocking him out of this year’s Wrestlemania. Buonocore, trying to capitalize, hurt himself as well.

“It wasn’t easy hurting my triceps,” explained Buonocore. “I tried falling on it. I ran it into a door. A friend came over and even hit it with a big stick for a while. Eventually, I hurt it by accident reaching for a beer. Oh, the irony!”

Sporting a sling on his arm and a replica belt over her shoulder, the lookalike proudly paraded around The Mall At Cross County shopping center. A few onlookers whispered among themselves, unsure if it was actually the Second City Saint. One curious child snapped a picture, but otherwise people went about their day normally.

“It’s been pretty great, actually,” said Buonocore. “You know how many appetizers people will buy you at Buffalo Wild Wings when you look like an injured pro wrestler? Two!”

The CM Punk doppleganger is hoping the cosmetic change leads to more opportunities.

“I’m kind of in between jobs right now. Got a lot of irons in the fire, know what I mean? Got a Cameo page, trying to do kids’ parties. That sort of thing.”

Buonocore is hoping to raise enough funds to travel to Wrestlemania 40 and sneak backstage.

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