Cameron Grimes Launches New “Grimes Dimes” Cryptocurrency

Miami, FL – Following in AEW wrestler MJF’s footsteps, NXT star Cameron Grimes has started his own cryptocurrency.

“I heard this thing on the internet about some sort of Crypt Keeper currency and knew I had to get in on that,” said Grimes aboard his yacht. “You ever see that Crypt Keeper, fella? Man, he is one spooky scary skeleton. I mean, he sends shivers down my spine! I figured if he had his own money, then ol’ Grime Time can do it too!”

While he was hazy on the details, Grimes insisted his plan was fool proof.

“I met these two rich brothers as a rich guy party that said they could help,” explained Grimes. “I forget their names. Winkievoss? Dinglevoss? Who cares? The point is, they’re the guys who really made Facebook and nothing’s ever gone wrong with Facebook, so we’re talking Grimes Dimes to the moon!”

Unfortunately for Grimes, WWE legend and constant thorn in his side Ted DiBiase also launched his own cryptocurrency on the exact same day. ‘DiBiase Dollars’ proved to be an instant hit, quickly rising in value while Grimes Dimes stayed flat. The poor opening, volatility of the market, and involvement of the Winklevoss Twins ensured that Grimes Dimes would fail.

“Why, Ted DiBiase?! Why?!?” shouted Grimes, raising his fist to the sky.

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