AEW Collision Preceded By New Show Confusion

AEW Collision announced

Jacksonville, FL – AEW has announced yet another new show this week, dubbed AEW Confusion.

Following the reveal of AEW Collision, Confusion will feature a live feed of the backstage area. Fans will now get to see the pre-show jitters and occasional chaos that happens behind the scenes of their favorite wrestling promotion.

“Confusion is a great opportunity for fans to see the complicated and often bewildering experience of putting on an AEW show,” explained Senior Vice President Michael Mansury. “AEW Collision will show the struggles inside the ring and Confusion will explore the struggles outside. When you think of Collision, you’ll also think of Confusion!”

A clip of Confusion has recently made its way to Youtube.

Amid the camera equipment, catering tables, and private locker rooms, disorder reigns. Writers frantically scribble notes on scripts while wrestlers try to figure out where they are on the card.

“I need someone to sign for all these razor blades,” declared a crew member outside Jon Moxley’s dressing room.

“When’s my match?” asked Sonny Kiss to anyone that would listen.

“Why are they called fingers if they don’t fing?” questioned Saraya.

“Camera 1! Camera 2! Camera 1! Camera 2!” shouted Tony Khan staring into a mirror, closing one eye, then the other.

The tease ends with an exciting cliffhanger of the entire AEW crew and roster searching for CM Punk.

AEW officials are not sure what day, time, or on what channel Confusion will air. It may be on before AEW Collision or after. It could be shown on TNT, TBS, AXS, or ACL Cornhole TV. Fans will have to wait and see.

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