Someone Bought This: Tank Abbott figure

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 Tank Abbott Figure

Crapper Sean Bateman writes:

I never seen a WCW figure of David “Tank” Abbott and this is the first one that I ever seen

I heard that it threatens to cut your other wrestling figures.

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10 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Tank Abbott figure"
  1. Bonesaw Shaw says:

    Jesus Jumped Up Christ, Tank F’Ing Abbott got his own action figure, if thats the case if anyone knows of a Gambler wrestling figure please let me know

  2. Dave says:

    …or at the very least, cut off their beards.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get the “cut your other wrestling figures” joke?

    • Mister Forth says:

      Tank Abbot, in a worked-shoot moment during WCW 2000, threatened to cut a wrestler’s throat. Tony had to cover it for some reason, so he claimed Abbot was going to cut the beard off this clean shaven man.

  4. Sean O says:

    I can understand a Tank Abbott figure….but as part of the ‘classic’ superstars line? The line of ‘legends’?

  5. Matt Soileau says:

    This is a birthday present you give to a kid you don’t like very much…

  6. John C says:

    Maybe Tank threatened Nips & Trips if they didn’t make a figure of him. I miss Jakks having the license for the figures because the Mattel ones really suck.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Looks more like they just put a longer beard on a Goldberg figure and called it Tank Abbott

  8. Bryan says:

    Just did a feature last night about “10 WCW Figures You Never Knew Existed”:


  9. Tommy B Rude says:

    All wrestlecrap aside, Tank was entertaining as hell in the oldschool UFC. I’d buy one of these, throw away the packaging and tell people it was a UFC legends action figure.

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