Hulk Hogan Thunder In Paradise Interactive Video Game

Crappers; I have another really obscure “treat” for you, today!

If you’ve read R.D’s induction of 2/3rds of the “Thunder In Paradise” TV movies, or you’ve seen the show for yourself; you know just how bad Hulk Hogan’s Thunder In Paradise TV show really was. 

Okay, so it was pretty much just “Knight Rider” with a magic boat instead of a magic car.

But did you know there was a “Thunder In Paradise Interactive” video game? It was made for the CD-I- a system that nobody I know owned?

I didn’t own a CD-I, but I did have a Sega CD and I found that nearly all of these “interactive movie” video games sucked. 

The page on the game describes it with breathless excitement (I assume this is the same blurb that’s on the back of the box):

Here’s your shot at Paradise, bro. You’re in the middle of an action-packed adventure with your cohorts Spence (Terry “Hulk” Hogan) and Bru (Chris Lemmon). Blast your way through these mind-blowing action encounters as you attempt to rescue Spence’s daughter Jessica, regain control of the M.A.J.O.R., and crush your arch enemy, RAMPIKE! Race at hyperspeed through the Caribbean, aboard THUNDER, a 45-foot piece of hi-tech marine hardware. Take control of the boat’s weapon systems and defend THUNDER from a shower of deadly threats. Face down minions of the psychotic RAMPIKE on the eerie trails of Rossiter’s Island. Go toe-to-toe with the M.A.J.O.R., a bio-humanoid gone haywire, in a battle for Jessica’s life!

Uh, yeah…

Quoting from the Wikipedia article: 

The two-part episode “The M.A.J.O.R. and the Minor” was used as the basis for the Thunder in Paradise CD-i interactive game. In addition to the episode itself, additional footage was filmed for use at different stages in the game. Although video game tie-ins have been created for numerous TV series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, this is the only time in TV history that an actual aired episode was written and structured to serve as the basis for a video game.

I bet the actual episode is appalling to have to sit through with a contrived plot like that (Hey R.D- you want to watch that episode and induct it? Mwuhahaha!).

At the top of this page you will see the game’s “Attract Mode” which is an ironic name because it is sure not attracting me towards ever wanting to play this game.

Here is a German commercial for the game which makes it sound a whole lot more exciting than it probably is. 

Did any of you Crappers own this game or know someone who did? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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