INDUCTION: House of Horrors – WrestleCrap Proudly Announces the 2017 Gooker Award Winner! (Well, Probably)

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I’ve been running since April 1, 2000. In the seventeen year history of the site, I’ve always had a rock solid rule, a law if you will, that I would never, ever induct anything in the same calendar year that it happened. When David Arquette won the WCW title, I shook my head but didn’t induct it until the following year. Katie Vick? No proper induction until the January after it took place. Claire Lynch, the Invasion…they all had to wait their turn.

My logic behind this is I feel it is important to let things play out. Sometimes you have a storyline that begins atrociously but it takes a turn and it far exceeds its humble and horrible origin. I mean, I can’t think of one off the top of my head, but I’m sure they exist. Has to, right?


I also like to let things lie so we can nominate the very worst of the very worst for our annual Gooker Award. At the end of each year, we put what we view as the ten worst characters, matches, cards, or storylines to a vote to let you determine the stupidest thing you saw all year. I generally have a pretty good idea of what’s going to win, but sometimes I am surprised.

Screw it. I ain’t gonna be surprised this year.

Especially after long-time contributor Justin Henry sent me this early Sunday evening, after he’d read the spoilers for how the first half of this induction was going to play out at Payback:

Ahh, Simpsons memes. There’s a Simpsons quote that can applied (or paraphrased, then applied) for any occasion.

I read those same spoilers and quickly came to the same conclusion as Mr. Henry had.

So tonight I am breaking my own rules. Again, I’ve never done this in SEVENTEEN YEARS. But three simple words have finally broken me: House of Horrors.

And here I thought this was the stupidest thing I’d see in a match with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Little did I know.

Despite projecting maggots onto the canvas, Bray loses at WrestleMania and thus has to come up with a new goofy scheme to get the upper hand on his foe. And with that goofy scheme we got yet another long-winded though admittedly well delivered spiel about his latest creation, the House of Horrors.

A moment if I may – just the name “House of Horrors” legit had me flashing back to other epic encounters like The White Castle of Fear and Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. That’s not a compliment. And at least those had a one-eyed midget named Cheatum to add some laughs (and both of which are available in the archives).

Would it have really been that hard to bring Hornswoggle back and slap an eyepatch on him?

But hey, before we get to the house, here’s JoJo to explain that this match will begin at the house and somehow end in the ring, where we’ll get a pin fall, submission, or forfeiture. Forfeiture, we are told. I am pretty sure I’ve never heard that uttered as a way to end a match before, so it must be Vince’s hot word of the month. Can’t wait for a “superstar” to capitalize on a “championship opportunity” to end in such a manner in front of the “WWE Universe”, who are about to vacate all hope that the House of Horrors match will be any good. Er, make that, “leave their hope in abeyance.” Stupid buzzwords.

There is a “follow the buzzards/buzzwords” joke in there somewhere, but I’ll leave that particular bit of punnery to you, fellow Crappers.

Anywho, from JoJo to the pitch black of night we go, as a limo pulls up to the house. I would ask why, exactly, it is so dark out in San Jose at 5:30pm local time, but I am going to guess that we have far bigger issues ahead of us that will require my keystrokes.

Inside the limo, Randy prepares himself for battle by clenching his fists. Or maybe he’s psyching himself up with a one-man game of one-potato-two-potato, who knows. Should also note for whatever reason he’s shirtless. Not sure that’s how I’d go into a fight inside a haunted mansion. To be fair, I’d probably just hang out in the limo contemplating why someone thought putting neon green napkins in glasses was a good idea.

Behold the HOUSE OF HORRORS! It’s bathed in blue and has a light that goes on and off on the second story. Are you scared yet?

Seriously, what’s so frightening about an upstairs window? Maybe if you were Jimmy Stewart and you could peer inside the window with a telescope, you’d see something truly mortifying, but no: it’s a freakin’ light being switched off in a generic, unimpressive window. The inflatable octopus that Martin Landau graciously sold for in Ed Wood projected more menace than this Brand X window.

Then, in a scene right out of Disney/Pixar’s Cars, a tractor very slowly backs up! I’ve long held the belief that one day when Vince is finally ready to sell WWE, Disney will be there to scoop up the ashes. This here would be your proof. It’s called cross-promotion. Synergy, kids!

After far too long a walk, Randy finally gets to the porch. He looks inside, and sees Bray, who channels his inner Tom Boddet and turns the lights on for him. Randy then goes to the front door, only to discover it’s locked.

So Bray’s master plan was apparently to have Randy fight him here, but only after he rang the doorbell and waited to be invited in first.

As doors (I guess mysteriously) open and close, Bray attacks Randy from behind. He throws him into a lamp, then in true Bray form stops to monologue, explaining that Randy can never leave. This would make Bray like James McAvoy’s conflicted character in Split, except he doesn’t hand his personal spotlight off to other personalities within his body. That’s a shame, because if Bray were overtaken by Husky Harris, Orton would have certainly ended this “match” a lot quicker, possibly with an arm drag.

Besides, for a purported “House of Horrors”, it’s pretty tame. There’s a couch there, and apparently magical tractors mow the lawn for you. I’ve lived in worse.

I should note that while this wanton violence is going on, we’re treated to scary music. Seriously, like out of a horror film. Which makes it like any New Jack match ever, except the crowd wasn’t exactly eating up the staged mayhem with glee (as we’ll soon see). Additionally, a New Jack match would also hold more potential for ring psychology than what we have here. Don’t believe me? When New Jack slams a vacuum cleaner on his opponent’s scrotum, it’s because he’s trying to injure his opponent’s scrotum. That’s more logical than 97 percent of whatever this was.

All of the spooky soundtracking reminds me of Beyond the Mat where Vince was explaining what the WWF was all about, ending with taking a swig of water then smugly looking at the camera and stating, “We make movies.”

Yes, yes sir you do.

Unfortunately, a lot of your movies really suck.

Especially this one.

Bray gets the upper hand on Randy, then vanishes into fat air. As Randy trepidatiously moves through the house, Bray’s hand breaks through a wall and grabs him by the throat, with Orton escaping only to find himself in a room with a bunch of doll babies hanging from the ceiling. Poor Randy then gets beaten over the head with a baby crib and collapses to the ground.

As we posted on here a couple days ago, the fine folks over at Deadspin actually found this house and discovered it was up for sale. A bargain at $36,000! I’ll Paypal $10 to the first of you to videotape yourself looking at it with a realtor, with an additional fiver if you ask, “Will this ceiling support 500 plastic dolls hanging from it? I’d seen a video of that and I found it quite charming.”

To the craft room we go next, as Randy discovers a twine and twig sculpture, I guess proving that someone involved in this fiasco was a fan of The Blair Witch Project. I’d say something else witty here, but I’ll be honest – I saw that movie like one time and legit remember the little figures and pretty much nothing else about it. And if you’re being honest, you’d probably say the same thing.

Like any good house fight, it climaxes in the kitchen, where the two men wildly fling pots and pans at each other. Despite being pummeled repeatedly with various blunt objects, it is in fact a kick to the genitalia that drops Randy to the floor, incapacitating him to the point that Bray can drop a very small and incredibly filthy refrigerator on him.

This allows Bray to crawl out to the front yard, fall on his knees, and turn his house from blue to red. I guess because he’s on Raw now instead of Smackdown. That’s brand loyalty!

Meanwhile, the cameraman doesn’t try to assist the possibly-dead WWE Champion in any way. Nor is he inside the house to potentially film Bill Kurtis walking beside the motionless Viper to ominously tell of how other overconfident wrestlers had been led to their premature demises in latently-ghoulish homes similar to this one.

Bray then stumbles into the limo (looking like a cross between Predator and a possibly-homeless Robert Z’Dar) telling the driver to take him to the arena. Because, you see, having this stupid match end at the house wouldn’t be torture enough. We need to have it continue under the bright lights at a WWE pay-per-view. If ever Vince would dare bring back those smoky arenas he saved wrestling from all those years ago, tonight would be the night!

And hey, isn’t Orton trapped under a fridge? How’s he supposed to get to the arena? And why weren’t we treated to any periodic motionless footage of Orton on the linoleum, a la the Famous Historian from Monty Python’s Search For the Holy Grail lying dead in the field?

So many unanswered questions.

Corey Graves immediately becomes my all-time favorite announcer by asking for the street address for the House of Horrors. That’s a knee slapper right there. Well played, kid.

And wait a minute, I just remembered this. Those poor people in the arena had to sit and watch all this crap. Can you imagine paying whatever stupid amount of money you may have paid for front row tickets and then being subjected to THAT?

Clearly, they had the time of their lives.

Also of note was the short-lived empathy coming from the announcers. Like, Randy Orton’s laying dead in Ed Gein’s kitchen, and Cole mulls over it for 45 seconds like he’s choosing an ice cream flavor. Then it’s off to the Seth Rollins/Samoa Joe match, while poor Orton is trying to blink morse code out the window in the hopes that a messenger bird sees him. And Cole? There he was, moving the show along, with all the emotional depth of Krusty posing for his trading card photo.

Then again, Cole grieved over the hanging of The Big Boss Man for all of 15 seconds before deftly seguing into WrestleMania Rage Party footage.

Maybe he finds snuff films to be emotionally settling, in the vein of a white noise machine.

Bray makes it back to the arena, and gets his full ring entrance, complete with his idiotic LED lantern. I know I’ve ranted about this before, but that lantern is seriously one of the stupidest props ever. Like if I could seriously change one thing – ONE THING – in WWE, it may well be that lantern. The guy is supposed to be a hillbilly cult leader or whatever, and yet his lantern isn’t a flickering gas jobber, but a nuclear bright and environmentally friendly LED that he somehow blows out.

Which he does here and of course Randy Orton is right behind him.

If you were expecting any kind of explanation as to how Randy somehow made it back to the arena, you’re out of luck.

If you were expecting Randy to be revealed as the limo driver that brought Bray back to the arena, you’re out of luck.

If you’re expecting footage of Randy hitchhiking back to the arena and being picked up by Large Marge, you’re out of luck.

Most of all, if you were wanting to see these two have anything resembling a good match, you’re out of luck.

But hey, if you wanted to see jobber turned #1 contender Jinder Mahal cost Orton the win, ding ding ding!

We have a winner!

Speaking of winners, is it too early to post this graphic?

Probably not.

But with this company? Probably way too early to bet against them.

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64 Responses to "INDUCTION: House of Horrors – WrestleCrap Proudly Announces the 2017 Gooker Award Winner! (Well, Probably)"
  1. steve says:

    soon as i heard this match called the House of Horrors i went and bought a terrified trailor

  2. Andrew Elder says:

    When the words House of Horrors was said I thought back to the Chamber of Horrors, and didn’t expect more than a hokey match and got something that was worse.

  3. Tony says:

    Looks like they were trying to one-up WCW’s King of the Road Match.

  4. ChrisV says:

    It was nice to see continuity followed for once. Randy Or ton’s legendary fear of dolls came back to add a nice touch of psychology to this match.

  5. Alexandru says:

    Damn this was quick. Honestly this match could’ve been so0o much better it wasn’t even so bad it was good it was just “meh” the crappy build-up hurt tremendously

  6. Art0Donnell says:

    This is the last straw. I am never ever visiting this site again.

  7. Cpt SuckerPunch says:

    Michael Cole visits relatives in Annapolis, Maryland. Then calls the house of horrors match.

    Something that bothered the hell out of me with this fucking mess was how Dave Meltzer had tweeted or something commenting about “funny it’s dark where they are, cos it’s sunny here in San Jose” where the event was being held. And a lot of people jumped in with, well that’s cos it’s pre taped.

    Yeah no shit it’s pre taped! It’s not supposed to be obvious though! We’re supposed to believe that this is all happening in real time! Otherwise we have to think that Bray and Randy have been fighting since the night before into the late afternoon of the event!

    • dennett316 says:

      Yup, sick of seeing so many people rush to the defence of dumb immersion breaking shit like this by saying “What do you expect? It’s just wrestling, wrestling’s fake”. Yeah, no shit, so are plenty of shows on TV, but you don’t see those shows breaking internal logic or continuity unless that’s the point of the show. The Seinfeld cast aren’t portrayed as hanging around on a set in a studio, Kramer doesn’t break character to wink at the audience, you don’t see them sitting around with scripts in their hands or with cameramen visible in the scene, but not actually supposed to be there (I fucking hate that in wrestling BTW, the backstage camera sometimes not supposed to be visible, sometimes it is GAH).

      The flickery, Z-grade horror movie editing and music immediately killed the segment stone dead. It was that one camera angle during the Mankind vs Rock empty arena match, the forklift cam looking down at The Rock as it pinned him, but for about 15 minutes. If this isn’t the worst thing to appear on WWE TV this year, it’ll have been an atrocious year for that company, because I can’t imagine how much lower they’d have to go.

      • Chris V says:

        Hey, it’s the “House of Horrors”! It’s always dark at the “House of Horrors”! That’s what Michael Cole should have said to explain the discrepancy.

        It would actually help explain the match better to think that they had been fighting since the night before.
        It would explain how Orton got to the arena ahead of Wyatt. Wyatt stopped at a diner for a nice meal, thinking that Orton was “trapped forever in the pits of his own fears”.
        It would explain how Orton recovered so quickly from having a refrigerator dropped on him. He stopped at a “medical facility” after crawling out of the house and flagging down a passing car.
        It would add to the suspense, thinking that Orton was trapped under the refrigerator for hours, fighting for his very life, and to not be blinded by the “red light”.

        It actually helps the suspension to disbelief to know that the segment was pre-taped.

  8. Cameron A. says:

    “Would it have really been that hard to bring Hornswoggle back and slap an eyepatch on him?”

    Swoggle’s currently doing more dignified things on Impact Wrestling, like hitting Rockstar Spud with a hammer.

  9. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    Point of order, RD, but this is not the first time something has been inducted to WrestleCrap in the same calender year. Or have you forgotten that Diva’s fashion show featuring Mae Young and Rico you inducted the same week it aired?

    • Justin Henry says:

      How dare RD not remember something minute he did 15 years ago.

    • RD Reynolds says:

      I totally did not remember that. To be fair, a lot of times Blade will say, “Remember when we did this on WrestleCrap Radio?” and I will have zero recollection of it.

      With that said, THANK YOU for being a loyal Crapper all these many years. It is greatly appreciated!

  10. Mighty Vastardikai says:

    I thought of 3 things that would have been better than what we got:

    1. Due to a misunderstanding between Creative and the Production Crew, Randy and Bray show up at a brothel.

    2. An inexplicable appearance of an Electric Chair. Especially if Abdullah the Butcher was sitting in said chair.

    3. Anything.

  11. Mike says:

    I’m not sure this should be considered the favorite for the Gooker. This mess took 20 minutes. Meanwhile, heel Josh Mathews (which is somehow more grating than heel Cole) has been going on for 2 months and looks to last at least 2 more.

  12. Sean Bateman says:

    still better than all the gimmick matches that TNA did.

    • Craig says:

      No it wasn’t, not by a long shot. Monsters Ball, Ultimate X both of these were way better then House of Horrors could ever hope to be. Hell even the Reverse Battle Royale was better then this shit, since it never descended to the depths of a Z grade horror movie.

      • x says:

        Reverse Battle Royal sucks. Stop trying to defend it just because you’re a TNA fan for life.
        You must be forgetting other gimmick matches in purpose. Matches like Last Rites match, Fish Market match, Electric Steel Cage match, Thunderdome match, Barbed Wire Christmas Tree match, Elevation X match, Knockouts Lockbox match, Feast or Fired, and the worst of them all …. King Of The Mountain match!

        • Craig says:

          All of those are Flair vs Steamboat compared to this match, stop defending it because you have your head metaphorically crammed up Vince’s rear. I mean at least those were actual matches that happened in the ring, instead of an extended skit that couldn’t even meet the standards of a high school drama club. This schlockfest was an embarrassment to all concerned and doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as ANY match, even shitty ones.

          The worst part is, it’s not even an original shitty idea. They’re ripping off those Deletion matches the Hardys did in TNA!

        • Guest says:

          Fish Market Match?

  13. #OPC says:

    Piggy James was inducted the same year it occurred as well if I remember correctly, though it was put up after Mickie left WWE.

  14. Mister Glen says:

    This is up there with the unholy trinity of WCW mini movies for sure.
    Rumour is that Vince was trying to replicate the Broken Matt Hardy angle. What he failed to realize that Matt played that character in such a goofy, over the top way, you couldn’t help but laugh and be entertained. Plus, it wasn’t the main event act so it was OK not to take it seriously.
    Of course, leave it to Vince to make it the title match, put two ‘serious’ characters in it and to ensure that it had none of the tongue in cheek, self deprecating humour of the Broken Matt angle.
    Wait till he gets the rights to the Broken character and watch our expectations get disappointed again.

    • Justin Henry says:

      “What he failed to realize that Matt played that character in such a goofy, over the top way, you couldn’t help but laugh and be entertained. Plus, it wasn’t the main event act so it was OK not to take it seriously.
      Of course, leave it to Vince to make it the title match, put two ‘serious’ characters in it and to ensure that it had none of the tongue in cheek, self deprecating humour of the Broken Matt angle.”

      I’d like to swipe this for my own use any time someone asks, “Why did this get inducted and Final Deletion didn’t?”

      • Mister Glen says:

        Correction on my behalf: This dumpster fire wasn’t a title match.

        However, the company’s champion was booked in it and that still beggars belief.

        • The Gold Standard says:

          Yes, in the beginning this was a title match. Right after the announcement that the winner of the US title match would be on Smackdown, there was a discussion between Cole, Corey, and Booker T if Bray Wyatt would be going to smackdown if he beat Orton.

          The title match angle was dropped shortly after that.

  15. Barronmore says:

    This reminds me soooo much of those Colosseum home video “a day in the life of” shorts they did. Mind you, it wasn’t the main event of a PPV. Personally, I’m not convinced this will win the Gooker. The year is young…give them time. They are on a roll after all, I’m sure their next match will be far worse then this.

  16. Robert R. Garver says:

    The Chaperone was inducted not only the same year it “premiered,” but before its release.

  17. Erich says:

    San Jose is in the heart of Silicon Valley, the southern tip of the greater Bay Area. With typical traffic, even on a sunday, it would take a minimum of an hour (and I’m being damn generous) to find a piece of property matching that of the HofH.

    People KNOW where San Jose is. They KNOW that it’s not mere minutes from haunted farmhouses. How in the blue hell did the WWE think anyone would be able to suspend disbelief enough to (A) assume that is was late night even tho it was a beautiful California springtime night, (2) assume there are farmhouses within a short drive of the Shark Tank, and (III) believe that at any point, day or night, there would be a single section of main road near San Jose with no traffic?

  18. CP says:

    This is crap.

    Not just for all the stuff that went on. Now I can’t get the damn Motel 6 jingle outta my head.

  19. Gerard says:

    i dont care what impact does for the rest of the rest of the year theres no way they can top( is top the right word to use here??) this train wreck of a match. i forget which japanese wrestling federation it was might have been FMW but i remember reading a story about how they built a full sized house in the arena and didnt just have one match but the entire ppv in the house were the wrestlers fought in the different rooms and were encouraged to do as much damage to the house as they could before the entire house was torn back down at the end of the night!!

  20. Tomas Elliot says:

    Sooooo… If this wins the Gooker (and God knows I’ll be voting for it), will it pull a Ric Flair and get inducted twice?

    • Betty Rumble says:

      The Gooker nomination should be the whole Bray/Orton feud, taking in Randy Orton: Arsonist and the WM Creepy Projector match.

  21. The Gold Standard says:

    Actually R.D. I think you are incorrect that the House of Horrors is going to win the coveted Gooker this year (even though I said that in your facebook message thread on the night of the PPV). I guess I was suffering from short-term retrograde amnesia and forgot about the horrendous WrestleMania match with the Whose Line is it Anyway bit where Colin Mochery was standing in front of a green screen and bugs were cast behind him.

    With that being said, the runaway winner will be all things Bray vs. Randy.

  22. Brian Jacobs says:

    Aw thanks RD! I feel special now…I think…the 1 rule got its first exemption on my birthday. What a gift…if the gift was then turned into crud faster than a M. Night plot twist while having Uwe Boll co-direct and Michael Bay mail in the production. The craziest thing I think is the amount of memes and jokes that came from it, but unlike any other bad idea in recent times it still ended saying that these jokes and memes are funny but that the House of Horrors didn’t even reach that idea. It could never work being as serious as it portrayed as if it were a horror movie scene, and they didn’t go anywhere near over the top to make it Final Deletion tongue in cheek fun. Now let it rest like the fridge that got put on Orton and know this not only killed an entire crowd pumped for the PPV for the most part, and likely buried those involved of any shot of being top superstars, especially Bray Wyatt. If that turns around, it will still not be due to this match. Thanks though for making me laugh at this insane idea of a match that never was really much of one-that is the true gift to me!

  23. Christopher Haydu says:

    Oh, this wasn’t too bad. I’m not saying it was great, or even good, but it wasn’t the worst thing ever. It just could have been booked better. If they had something surprising happen at the end, but the debut of a new wrestler or something, it would have made it worth it. After all, was The Undertaker’s debut in his Survivor Series match a wrestling classic? No, of course not. It was an average match, but it has some importance in the realm of wrestling history because it was the debut of The Undertaker. Since I didn’t take place in the House of Horrors match comma I would say it was just badly booked. Besides comma it’s only the beginning of May. WWE has seven months to Top This. Do you really think that they won’t come up with something that really is stupid before the end of the year? I wouldn’t call the fight just yet if it’s only May!

  24. Brad says:

    This whole feud seems like it should be a heavy favorite for the Gooker award. Bray finally gets the WWE title after getting made to look ridiculous whenever he went against any notable maineventer….and he’s in a feud with a bored, apathetic(even more than usual) Randy Orton. The House of Horrors match, the only redeeming quality is it finally puts this horrible feud to bed and Orton and Bray can move on

  25. ThePWBPoster says:

    Never let WWE book horror gimmick match with the current roster!!!

    Oh wait.

  26. Caveman says:

    The magic lamp was important. Because Randy Orton was revealed to be a Genie. He travelled with Bray inside the magic lamp and when Bray rubbed it, Genie Orton appeared like Shaq in that Genie movie.

  27. Caveman says:

    Didn’t Randy Orton burn that same house down before?

  28. K7 says:

    Lest we forget, Orton also had time for a shave between the time in the house and when he got to the ring.

  29. Jim says:

    This match made no sense coming in and still was a disappointment:

    1- Isn’t the whole point of a House of Horrors to keep you inside the house so you can be horrified? Let alone the match ending in the ring, wouldn’t Bray want to be in the house witnessing Randy be horrified (not that the stuff he had, even the dolls, got much above creepy at best) rather than driving away?

    2- THIS was his revenge for Randy burning down the shack and desecrating Sister Abigail? To drop a fridge on him and then leave to win via forfeiture? For $36,000 and whatever it would have cost to get a permit, why couldn’t WWE have set the house on fire and claimed that the fridge protected Randy from the flames?

    This would have been lackluster, but especially compared to the ridiculousness that was the Final Deletion, what a let down.

    • Guest says:

      “2- THIS was his revenge for Randy burning down the shack and desecrating Sister Abigail? To drop a fridge on him and then leave to win via forfeiture? For $36,000 and whatever it would have cost to get a permit, why couldn’t WWE have set the house on fire and claimed that the fridge protected Randy from the flames?”

      I seem to remember Indiana Jones doing that with a nuke and people lambasting the writers over it.

  30. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    I’m tentative to hedge my bets as to who’s gonna take this year’s Gooker, but I can see this entire feud getting the duke between this and the Wrestlemania feud and the burning of Sister Abigail (which could’ve been cool, were it not for everything that happened afterwards).

    I don’t know how the E continues to fail at booking Bray like a proper evil supernatural heel. It’s like repeatedly rejecting a license to print money.

  31. TayJK says:

    I so want to see a good​ compilation of horrible pre-taped PPV match. A few bad ones that immediately spring to mind:

    WCW’s King of the Road match
    Mankind vs Rock Empty Arena match (yeah, a decent match, but that overhead shot during the pin snaps the Suspension of Disbelief over it’s knee)
    Many elsewhere in the arena match such as some Boiler Room matches

    Did Crash Holly have any title defenses of the 24/7 Hardcore Belt on PPV?

    I know I don’t know of many more. As WhatCulture said, this match will be in so many lists for years to come.

  32. Fred says:

    I blame this on the nugget known as Matt Hardy.

  33. Lycanthrokeith says:

    It took me a couple viewings to realize the words traced in the filth on the side of the refrigerator said “Follow the Buzzards.” At first I thought it said “Buy More Beer.”

  34. Mister Forth says:

    If seems to be Orton/Wyatt and Heel Josh Mathews, will likely be top contenders. Include the possible worst of Reigns & Aron Liberace as well.

  35. Chris Farris says:

    I think this is definitely part of a Gooker Nominee. However, the whole finishing months to this feud have been horrible. Randy winning the Rumble then abdicating his title shot, then taking it back because it was all a plot should be a part of it. Not because the idea behind that is bad, but the execution wast horrible. Then, add in Luke Harper getting pushed then not getting pushed. Don’t forget the Battle Royal that finished screwy. Oh, and because of Randy taking his title shot, we got AJ vs Shane instead of AJ in a title match. AJ and Shane’s match was good but it Styles deserved better for what he did for Smackdown. All of that and then add on the House of Horrors match and this could be the worst final builds to a long term booking story ever. Oh, and Bray just goes to Raw and they drop the title rematch stipulation. TNA and Jeff Jarrett have their work cut out for them this year.

  36. Jeb Bush says:

    I’d liked it. It was basically a match in a house, it was what I wanted pretty much, the in ring stuff sucked though.

  37. #OPC says:

    Bayley seems keen on taking that Gooker away from Bray. Maybe Jojo could prevent that.

  38. Paolo says:

    Poor Bray can’t catch a break. I have the feeling the upcoming Finn Balor (as The Demon) vs Bray Wyatt (as Sister Abigail) match is going to challenge for the ’17 Gooker

  39. It's Lori Loud! She's the leader of M.A.S.K.! says:

    The House Of Horrors match was in the Missouri countryside not to far from Kansas City…which was the site of the Raw go home show for Payback.

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