TNA Monster Rap

It’s October, so we’re about to get real scary.

If you’ve ever worked in a crummy office or had a relative that likes to fill your inbox with garbage, you’ve probably seen something like this. They upload a picture of your face to a premade holiday video that is as awkward as it is embarrassing. Christmas time elf videos are a big one and it’s never, ever funny.

Well, someone took it upon themselves to do a “TNA Monster Rap”. They have thrown your favorite TNA officials’ faces onto the bodies of monsters as they aggressively rap about Halloween at you. Is it better or worse than the Last Rites match?

DJ Dixie Carter? Hulk Frankenstein? Mummy Vince Russo?!

RD, please show this to Vince during your next episode of Joker’s Mustache. We need his reaction. And his sick rhymes.

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