Ozzy Osbourne War Games Music Video

Ozzy Osbourne is once again going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this time as a solo act. The Ozzman is no stranger to professional wrestling as he appeared at Wrestlemania II in the corner for The British Bulldogs. No doubt, he and Matilda, exchanged managing tips. I can practically hear “Throw a (bleeping) dropkick, Dynamite” now.

During that first “Vince is gone, Triple H is in charge” stutter step, Hunter’s influence could be felt on War Games: Survivor Series. Not only did they shell out the money to use Black Sabbath’s classic “War Pigs” but they even got Ozzy Osbourne himself to appear in the hype video.

Hopefully, we get more of this now that we’re in the Paul “Triple H” Leveque era. If Finger Eleven wants to come out and play “Slow Chemical” for a returning Kane, I’d be into it.

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