Missy Hyatt Hosts One Of The Worst Interview Segments Of All Time!

Crapper Drew Bludd writes:

I was thinking about Missy Hyatt today, for some reason, and wondered why she never went to work for Vince in the WWF.

Well, it turns out – she did. Her Wikipedia page says:

“While still under UWF contract, Hyatt was contacted about working for the World Wrestling Federation. Vince McMahon wanted Hyatt to replace Rowdy Roddy Piper and his segment, Piper’s Pit, with a new segment called “Missy’s Manor.” “Missy’s Manor” segments were taped on March 21 and 22, and April 23, 1987. The show was a disaster, and McMahon asked Hyatt to become a Federette, which were the ring girls shown at pay-per-views. She thought the role was beneath her, and she went back to the UWF.”

Here is one of the, uploaded by Missy herself, with guest Adrian Adonis.

Wow… Watching this is it any wonder these segments never made it to air?

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