Gunther Becomes The Gunty Tonk Man

Gunther becomes the new Honky Tonk Man

Wichita, KS – With less than 100 days until he breaks The Honky Tonk Man’s Intercontinental Championship record, current title holder Gunther has adopted a new gimmick. Embracing Honky Tonk’s mannerisms, style, and moves, Gunther has been reborn as a rock and roll impersonating wrestler.

At Raw, The Gunty Tonk Man displayed his new persona Sporting a flashy blue jumpsuit, blue suede shoes, and a jet-black pompadour, Gunther swiveled his hips in a stern, yet efficient manner. He stiffly performed karate kicks and chops before hitting his opponent with an acoustic guitar.

Flanked his Imperium partners Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, the group performed the classic “Cool, Cocky, Bad” theme song.

“I’m just a Gunty Tonk Man!” barked the champion flatly.

“He’s a Gunty Tonk Man!” replied Kaiser and Vinci.

Boos rained down on the shaking, rattling, and rolling trio, but they were undeterred.

“Danke schön. Vielen Dank,” said Gunther before curling his upper lip and defiantly dropping his microphone.

With few viable contenders standing in his way, Gunty hopes to ride his pink Cadillac into the wrestling history books.

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