It’s WrestleCrap! It’s BullCrap!

Crapper Paul S. sent this in.

John Cena is the voice of a talking bull in “Ferdinand”.

So yes, it’s not only WrestleCrap, but BullCrap too!

If you took a shot after every kids’ movie tropeĀ in this trailer you’d be dead!

Fish out of water?- TAKE A SHOT!

Underdog needs to believe in himself?- TAKE A SHOT!

Training montage? TAKE A SHOT!

Underdog falls in love and works hard to win her heart? PROBABLY TAKE A SHOT!

All that was missing was a fart joke and I’m sure there will be plenty of those in the movie.

How come the charismatic John Cena sounds bored out of his mind reading his narration? Did he just get back from reading the script?

Somebody get this man a 5-Hour Energy shot, pronto!

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