Hulkamania Workout Commercial, Starring…

…Paul Orndorff, of course.

Over the years, we’ve featured both the Hulkamania workout set and the audio tape that went with it. Completing the trifecta is this puzzling commercial.

It starts out with a kid looking at all the WWF posters in his room.

“How can I get muscles like you guys?” he says.

Not one second later, in comes Paul Orndorff, bursting through the wall. But he’s not here to sell Kool-Aid (at least not literally).

“Wow, Mr. Wonderful!” says the kid. I guess this sort of thing was normal in 1985, but I would have had some questions if a WWF Superstar had broken through my bedroom wall. Questions like:

“Hey, are you gonna pay for that?”

Or, “Why didn’t you just ring the doorbell?”

Or, “How is that possible? My room is on the second floor.”

As for why Paul Orndorff would be advertising a Hulk Hogan product? I can only guess that LJN wanted Hogan for the commercial, but he wasn’t home when they called, so they gave it to Mr. Wonderful.

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