WWE Four Horsemen Shirt

The Four Horsemen in WWE

WWE IV Horsemen

The Four Horsemen are one of the most legendary wrestling stables of all time. With the original group consisting of Ric Flair, Ole and Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard, the group, along with manager JJ Dillon, run roughshod over the NWA. Over the years members would come and go (Paul Roma!) in WCW, but today they’re looked upon fondly. A simple 4 fingers in the air at any wrestling event will instantly evoke Woooo’s and memories of an almost unbeatable team of heels. It just makes sense that WWE would put out a cool, retro-looking Four Horsemen shirt.

What doesn’t make sense is WWE plastering “World Wrestling Entertainment” across the top. The stable was never in WWE! Given the chance, they’ll always try to get one over WCW, even 20+ years after the company died. We’re going to get WWE Four Horsemen vitamins soon, aren’t we?

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