WrestleMania V “The Mega-Powers Explode” T-Shirt

Normally, the Big Cheese writes Someone Bought This, but I’ve left a trail of Reese’s Pieces leading from his computer to the woods so I can take over. Remember BC, if you get lost, you can always find East by staring directly into the sun.

The title “Someone Bought This” is appropriate because this Wrestlemania V shirt belongs to me, though I have no idea how I got it. I was too young to attend, but a safe bet would be that my parents somehow got it for me. Maybe it was through the WWF Magazine or from a friend that was there live? It’s not like it is today where you can conveniently buy anything off of Amazon and Ebay.

Or if you’re a risk-taker, meeting a weirdo off Craigslist at a Home Depot parking lot to buy his Mid-South Wrestling tape collection.

The shirt is wonderfully 80’s with the colorful “artwork” and whenever I look at it, I can hear Vince McMahon in his ultimate carnival barker voice, “The Mega Powers… EXPLODE here at Wrestlemania Five!!!”

It’s actually one of the few pieces of wrestling merchandise that I own and I’ve had it for almost my entire life. It’s certainly a “blast” from the past. See what I did there?

Do any of you Crappers have old wrestling merch of possibly unknown origins?

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